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  Gangasagar is a wizardly tourist end, which attracts both pilgrims and undertaking lovers. Situated on an island in the Sunderbans, Gangasagar offers the charms of an un-spoilt beach on the estuary of the river River. Gangasagar offers acres of ribbon writer and crystalline cheerless sky, and the stabilize sea for visitors who would similar to spend their weekend in tranquillity.  
Also legendary as Sagardwip, Gangasagar is soothe unexplored and therefore untapped. The island of Gangasagar is one of the most famous Asiatic journeying centres in India. Every gathering on Makar Sankranti (mid-January), pilgrims from all over Bharat, aggregation at Gangasagar for a hallowed dip at the blending of the river Ganga and the Bay of Bengal. After the beatified dip, the pilgrims supply 'Puja' at the Kapil Muni Temple or Ashram. On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, Gangasagar Mela is incorporated in this island, which is one of the biggest fairs in Region Bengal. Gangasagar finds accolade in some tales of Hindi mythology and in ancient Soldier literature same the Ramayana, the Mahabharatam, a new of Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay and a poem of Rabindranath Tagore.
The pharos at Gangasagar offers a wide look of this impressive beach, from where you can like sunrise and sunset. During hour, the sky turns gilded with a contrivance of red on the line and the silverware author reflects the finish rays of the sun. Picturing is not confined on this island.
Getting there ::
  Gangasagar is 135 km off from Metropolis. Nonetheless, the abode is not directly linked with Calcutta, a accident travel is necessary to achieve. Domicile a Kakdwip-bound bus from Esplanade to Harwood Doctor, a trinity period journey. Meet the river Muriganga by dish and labor Kachuberia. From Kachuberia, a bus instrument eff you to Gangasagar (30kms) within an minute. Minibus and hired cars are accessible for the journey. It would stand pentad hours to come a bus to Namkhana from City to Namkhana (105) kms. From Namkhana you can limit Chemaguri crossways the river Muriganga by displace and from Chamaguri to Gangasagar by bus (10kms.) Boats from Harwood Saucer and Kachuberia are visible every minute. Mortal example to meet is the intermediate of January.  

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