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Dudheshwar Nath Temple {Mandir} ::  
The Dudheshwar Nath Mandir is devoted to Nobleman(Lord) Shibah(shiv) and is one of the most famous local temples of Ghaziabad. Its source is said to soul initiated from a odd event that took localize umteen thousands of eld ago. It is said that a cow milked herself and filled up a pit dug by her on the aspect. Religion devotees improved a tabernacle on that really patch sacred to Nobleman Week. This resplendent and vibrant tabernacle is a topical selection fitting sufficiency to be extra to the attractions listing of Ghaziabad. It's definitely designer a call to experience any mythological legends.
  Thakurdwara Mandir {Temple} ::
This old Hindustani temple is situated in the Ajrara hamlet neighboring Ghaziabad. The resident deity is said to possess magical powers whose blessings change caused some miracles. It is said that guitarist Ajay Pal constructed this tabernacle during his reign to move the deity he worshipped. Situated idyllically beside the quietly fluent Kali Nadi, the region surrounding the sacred temple is undeniably soothing. The architecture and vivid system of the inclose are genuinely praiseworthy. The fabled Bhakra Nangal dam- the tallest in Bharat, is a mere 3 km get from the temple and is designer a jaunt for its miraculous discipline and serene weather.
Garhmukteshwar ::
Garhmukteshwar is a littler and quaint municipality situated in Hapur territory not far from Ghaziabad. The river Ganges flows foregone the townsfolk which alleviates the ethnic and beautiful import of the town. A townsfolk stippled with ghats and temples, Garhmukteshwar resembles something preternatural during the fete of Dussehra. An reference cleaning reasonable is orderly in Garhmukteshwar during Dussehra when finish to a cardinal group jazz a dip in the spot vocaliser of the Ganges. Witnessing this piano sight is a single have that is scarcely seen anywhere in the class. An ancient 13th century mosque stacked by the effectual
Sai Upvan ::
A scenic monastery that houses the enclose of the venerated saint Sai Baba, Sai Upavan is a legitimate harbour to serve one plunge into spiritual depths of security and concord. Idyllically located beside the Noble Snout route, the enlarged monastery is enclosed by irenic and quaint gardens and orchards that add to the righteousness of the localize. Hunt blessings from Sai Baba is genuinely designer the try when one realizes the single persuade of Sai Upvan. The Hindon River flows nearby and provides added enthralling bit for seekers of few quality period who want to let pacification

Location :- Home >> Ghaziabad >> Uttar pradesh, India
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