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Jampui Hill :::  
It is situated roughly 200 Km. gone from Agartala and is the maximal hill capableness in the posit bordering Mizoram. This unending place of interminable fountain is situated at an height of 3000' above sea point.
Jampui is famous for its charming landscape and strengthener condition(climate). The fantabulous climatic shape, chromatic forests, beautiful citrus garden, scope of rising and setting sun are wonderful sights for tourists.The structure potentiality has 11 villages haunted by Mizo (Lushai tribes) and also by Reang tribes. Assemblage of the elevation chain is roughly 8,000 and the water job of the villagers is orangeness cultivation. The temperature modification in the elevation represent is very nominal in all seasons and is ideal for the intend of business(tourist).
  Opposite seasons offer incompatible pleasures to the tourists at Jampui comedian. During October to Dec the citrus trees are loaded with fruits and the entire hill limit looks orange coloured. During March to May varied species of orchids and added frantic trees produce flowers. During inclement flavour the comic reach is pregnant of clouds and one can eff the somesthesia of strolling in the clouds. The Lushai tribes that occupy in the elevation ambit love a rattling strikingly different ethnical sameness. They are quite well-off group, having tasteful and talk Side fluently and simulate Christianity.
The sunrise and hour in the construction comprise furnish a delightful grasp . The natural beauty, the idyllic weather, varied species of trees, orchids and chromatic gardens, welcoming grouping and sumptuous ethnical heritage make it an ideal instruction for the tourists.
There is also the 'Eden', a impressive hill-top Tourer Lodge in Vangmun community where tourists can go and fulfill comfortably. In improver, anesthetic grouping proffer salaried guest fitting to the visiting tourists which enable them to nearly understand the beingness and civilisation of the Lushai tribes.After retraction of Circumscribed Country Tolerate for the nonnative nationals, the structure ambit now attracts a rangy symbol of international tourists.The highest vizor of Tripura 'Betlingchhip' falls in this hill potentiality which is 3600 feet higher tracts and various other construction ranges of Tripura. There are pleasing trekking path(routes) in the elevation ambit for tourists.
General Details ::
Positioning ::- 250 k.m. from Agartala.
Improvement ::- Paradise Holidaymaker Physicist at Vanghmun.
Kalapania Eco Green (Sabroom) :::
Every exercise projection adds a new dimension to the socio-economic profile of a area, transforming life-styles , processing store and altering multiethnic ethos as a total.
Zip illustrates this ameliorate than the sprawling Kalapania Eco Green in Sabroom music of Tripura. A swift move along the lengthy Agartala-Sabroom nationalistic route (No-44) takes a traveller to Kalacherra in close to triad hours and one many KM beforehand a leftward channelize off the highway delivers the traveller to the riotous site genre of Kalapania speckled with green-capped hillocks and straight lakes move over note cardinal hectares of arrive . The Explorer, industrial over a period of figure period since 2000, embodies an riveting history.
At the degree of Bangladesh crisis in 1971 Kalapania had played entertainer to thousands of refguees from that country and a morgue had get up on the field owned by a magnanimous tribal Tripura. The refugees had duly liberal and invisible Kalapania returned to degenerate in life of gloom, befog smooth to most of the fill in Sabroom division.
Positioning ::- 116 km gone from Agartala.
Chandrapur Musjid( Rajnagar,Belonia) :::
The 1992 is marked as a water-shed year in post-independence Bharat(Indian) record because of the termination of Babri Maszid at Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh. As a idyllic fortuity people in Rajnagar atlantic low Belonia writing of southmost Tripura revealed the remnants of a gothic masjid covert from open7 examine by trees, plants and bushes that every twelvemonth.
The musjid overlooking plains of Bangladesh and Tripura from a hillock was remodeled in the portentous twelvemonth 1992 by an opening of the verbalize governance and a 'Solidarity Fair' was held.
The ordinary on december 6, the day 'Babri Maszid' was fallen , has been a statesman period event in the state's ethnic calendar since then. Experts on Tripura's history attribute the intellection of 'Rajnagar Maszid' to the officer of the Mughal service which invaded Tripura in the assemblage 1618 during the reign of monarch Yashodhar Manikya. Standing atop the secret hillock in towering honor the musjid beckons tourists to bask the grandness of its architectural beauty.
General Details ::
Location ::- agartala.
Accommodation ::- House(Joychandpur), Earth Set Shelter & Revenue Visitor Accommodation.

Location :- Home >> Agartala >> Tripura,India
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