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Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary :::  
Situated in the northerly Tripura district, it can be approached from panisagar and is connected to the soul road(N. H). It is a pocketable area with an area of 85'85 hectares and it is one of the few remnants of the unprocessed forests larboard that is easily comprehendible to the visitors. It presents copious compass for examination by the botanists. It harbours writer than 150 species of birds, untamed beasts and primates.The computer was originally choson for having gangly trees with gelatinlike brushwood, which was assiduously battlemented by many 'Khasi' tribal families for cultivation of pan (betel leaves). This also provided perching locate for a masses of birds.
Plant department took over the region when they leftmost. The object region over 86 hactares was fenced and staff were posted to care it. It has possibility for process as a eye of knowingness propagation in the septrional parts of Tripura through daily structured visits of the schoolhouse children, college students and else people including the tourists from within the express as well as from extracurricular.
General Details ::
Position ::- 150 k.m. from Agartala.
Improvement ::- At Panisagar or Kumarghat.
Trishna Wild Life Sanctuary :::
Trishna Savage Being Sanctuary is placed roughly 100 Km. gone from Agartala in Belonia Section of Southland Tripura Dominion(district). Bison is the water force in this asylum, in component to the doc and migratory birds.
General Details ::
Activity ::- 100 k.m. from Agartala.
Advance(Accommodation) ::- "Daxminayan" set Dak House in Belonia.
Mahamuni Pagoda :::
Buddha tabernacle at Manu Bankul, Southerly Tripura: Mahamuni is situated at the Manubankul community, statesman Southeastern division of Sabroom Sub-Division of southwesterly Tripura. It is famous for its ancient Faith monastery.
The monastery bears the Religionist idioms of expressions in churchgoing structure, and was constructed low the leaders of Mathu Mog and others a prolonged dimension ago. A pretty pagoda was also improved at Mahamuni. A famous week longitudinal ordinary is held every period in the month of March-April. The Tabernacle attracts thousands of Buddhistic and non Buddhistic pilgrims from every structure of the land as excavation as from neighbouring countries equivalent, Burma(myanmar), Siam(thailand), Srilanka and Bangladesh.
Tralatitious Mahamuni celebration & 'Owha' festivals, originally a Religionist festival, but now one of the most sunny festivals of the denote come off every year with unprompted involution from group.During the celebration Baronage Angel is worshipped in the monastery by both Buddhist and Asian Communities. Mahamuni is dominated by fill belonging to the Mog tribal vocation.Actually the social Chakma, Mog and Barua tribal communities of Tripura individual been traditionally Buddhists. Situated in the tranquil surround of Sabroom section, 155 KMs from Agartala airport and 255 KMs from the nearest railhead Mahamuni can feeling itself on fantabulous facilities for tourists equal a tasty and well-furnished holidaymaker accuse and a cafetaria.
General Details ::
Positioning ::- From Agartala 134 Kms, Udaipur 82 Kms, Sabroom 25 Kms, Jolaibari 23 Kms and Manu 20 Kms.
Improvement ::- Pilak Holidaymaker Abode(Jolaiabri), Mahamuni Traveler File(Mahamuni), Manu Yatri Niwas(Manu) and Dakshinayak Tourist Secure(Sabroom).

Location :- Home >> Agartala >> Tripura, India
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