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Boxanagar :::  
In Sonamura, Westernmost Tripura :Very newly after uncovering of a rude plant expanse(place), ruins of a brick-built antiquity emerged in the northwestern start of Sonamura arm on the border of the furnish with Bangladesh.
This is near Boxnagar activity(market). The anaesthetic grouping initially attributed the remains to an ancient tabernacle of Manasaa - the goddess of River. It was in a tatterdemalion precondition. When attending of Archeologic Inspect of India was drawn to it, they took over the position but in fact nix was finished towards its protection and decorous improvement.In July'97 Dr. Jitendra Das, Superintending Archaeologist came to Tripura and visited this site. He disclosed there an lead of Noble Siddhartha and habitual that it had been a Buddha Tabernacle. He gave assurances of of unmediated production of the situation to conceptualise out the concealed taradiddle. At verbalize the position is fortunate stormproof by barbed message fencing and advance occupation is on.
  General Details ::
Nighest Townspeople ::- 32 Km from Agartala and 8 Km from Sonamura.
Advance ::- Sagarmahal Holidaymaker Secure, Melaghar.
Rudra-Sagar Lake :::
Rudrasagar lake, nigh 55 Km. departed from Agartala left Melaghar with 5.3 Sq.Km. installation(water) extent(place) is added big quality. In the sweet of the lake the famous lake hall of Tripura videlicet "Neermahal" is built. Neermahal literally implementation Wet Palace. The Fortress is a picturesque fairy-tale stag hall settled in the intervening of the Rudrasagar Lake which is 53 Km. southwestward of agartala. Prince Bir Bikram Kishore manikya improved the palace in 1930 A.D. as his summer act being inspired by Mughal Call of architecture.
The lake witnesses a biggish identify of migratory birds in every season. Every gathering a boat race is organised in July/August. The impermanent tourists can like boating effortlessness in the lake.
General Details ::
Closest Town ::- Agartala 53 Kms, Udaipur 20 Kms. and Melaghar 2 Kms.
Advance ::- Sagar Mahal Holidaymaker Habitation, Melaghar.

Location :- Home >> Melaghar >> Tripura, India
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