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Khumlwng Eco Park :::  
This parkland has been industrial at Khumlwng, straits period of the Autonomous District Council (ADC). Khumlwng implementation depression of flowers. The park has a very splendiferous wide garden along with a spontaneous irrigate embody with yachting facilities. One children common is also there with umteen questionable objects. This draws extensive size of picnickers every spend.
  Positioning ::- 25 km departed from Agartala.
  Sepahijala Wild Life Sanctuary :::
  Sepahijala wildlife shelter encompasses an atlantic of 18.532 km. Much than 150 species of residential birds, unsettled birds, cypripedium garden, yachting facilities, unquiet spirit, botanical garden, zoo, elephant joy-rides, contraceptive and seed plantations gesture the tourists all finished the assemblage. The intercalary visible payment for animal-lovers is the famous spectacled monkey which is now a rare species.
General Details ::
Activity ::- 25 k.m. from Agartala on Agartala-Udaipur principal traveling.
Advance(Accommodation) ::- Abasarika (Forest Bungalow) and Cottages run by Forest Department.
Kamalasagar (Kashaba) Kali Temple ::
Kamalasagar Kali Tabernacle, was improved on a hill-top by Prince Dhanya Manikya in the past 15th century. It is situated fitting deside the Bangladesh contact(border), The lake in figurehead of this temple justly enhances its exemplar(beuty).
The biggest 'Kamala Sagar' lake dug by challenger(prince) Dhanya Manikya (1490-1520) and the two wavy dispiriting liquid lakes in advanced of the 'Ujjayanta palace', address of Tripura's once princely rulers in the bosom of assets Agartala leave word fatal itinerary of trourists fond of waterscape. Princely Tripura's erstwhile minar and verbalise head office of southward Tripura Govern, Udaipur is also glorious as a 'lake-town' because of the feeding of large a pleasing picnic.
General Details ::
Positioning ::- From Agartala 28 kms and Udaipur 50 kms.
Improvement ::- Comilla Ambit Traveler Domicile.
Kamala Sagar Lake :::
A vast lake on the border of the touch with Bangladesh was excavated by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya in 15th century. On the river give of kamalasagar, there is a famous tabernacle of Goddess Kali dating rearward to 16th century. It is one of the superior picnic symptom in the dos with scenic beauty.
General Details ::
position ::- From Agartala 35 kms.
Advance ::- Comilla Range Holidaymaker Lodge at Kamalasagar.
Baramura Eco Park :::
This green is placed at about 37 km from Agartala in Baramura Construction Ambit finished which 44 Mortal Road winds its way to Shilong and Guwahati. It is an extent surrounded by sylvan ketalar timber with a course fluent through it. this arena has got a lot of additional attractions of broad environs. This is an model destination for eco-lovers.
Position(location) ::- 37 km departed from, Agartala.

Location :- Home >> Agartala >> Tripura, India
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