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Sikkim has more beautiful lakes dotting its genre. Most of the lakes in Sikkim are reasoned tabu and are venerable by the group. The Statesman Sikkim highland adjoining Xizang has a sign of mountain lakes of which Gurudongmar and Chho Lamo are the most famous. Chho Lamo is the seed of the Teesta River. The Tsomgo Lake in Orient Sikkim is the most touristy with tourists while Khecheopalri in Westernmost Sikkim is one of the most graceful and reverenced.  
  Gurudongmar Lake ::
At 17,100 ft, Gurudongmar is venerated by both Buddhists and Hindus as a reverend lake. Enclosed all around by snow-covered mountains the lake freezes during the winter, eliminate at one maculation said to be blessed by Guru Rimpoche. The wet of the lake is believed to soul the fortunate knowledge of granting children to issueless couples.
Khecheopalri lake ::
Alt: 1799 meters Added beatified lake is Khecheopalri in Westward Sikkim. Placed between Gyalshing and Yuksum and enclosed by hills, Khecheoplari Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Sikkim and is thoughtful as sacrosanct by both Buddhists and Hindus. So hallowed is the lake in anesthetic creativeness that it is believed that level birds protect its sanctity by carrying off any foliage or savvy that drifts on to its turn and uneventful surface. Also renowned as the Desire Lake, it is visited by a brobdingnagian number of group all assemblage finished. The viridity and liquid goal. A trekkers hut has been shapely neighbouring the lake for the lav of tourists.
Lampokari Lake ::
The Lampokari Lake at Aritar in Eastbound Sikkim saddled on the top of a structure. This tranquil Lake, surrounded by profuse leaf is considered one of the oldest in Sikkim and is near 350 meters in Distance(length) and 75 meters statewide. Wrought oddly equivalent a hominian meter, this lake, tho' spontaneous, has been new provided with stylized embankment to ease seafaring, a front for Sikkim.
Aritar Lake (Ghati-Tso) ::
The Aritar Lake (Ghati-Tso) nighest Rhenock, almost 3 hours traval(propulsion) from Gangtok, is worth impermanent. For those interested in payment a nighttime or two in the orderly environment, trekker's huts, few lodges and a snobby employ are ready. Else attractions are seafaring, temporary and exploring the style of villagers and also trip to the Lingsay Monastery and a Manghim. A shortsighted trek in and around Aritar is a exciting experie•nce. A dark spent in an old British improved Bunglow of 1895 placed half km below the lake could be an enthralling live.
Menmecho Lake ::
Placed cardinal 20 kilometers beforehand of Tsomgo is the untold large Menmecho Lake at an altitude of 12,500 ft. It is a stunningly gorgeous lake with deceive adjoin from first winter to tardy outflow. It is surrounded by a sumptuous, diversified plant and many rather fascinating candy formations. The lake is famous for its trout and a farm to prepare these search also exists nearby. Sportfishing is allowed at Menmecho Lake but you bed to obtain a tolerate from Gangtok and ascertain the availability of fishing cogwheel. Accommodation for the visitors forthcoming here is visible at the dak house and tourist dwelling adjacent the lake.

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