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Khatu shyam :::  
The story of this immensely hot Avatar(krishna) temple can be traced aft to the epic, Mahabharat ,where Barbareek, the son of outstanding Pandav monk, Bhim and Nag Kanya (ophidian princess) displayed his outstanding martial skills. This spaced Peerage(Lord) Shibah(Bolanath) who gave his blessings in the comprise of tercet inerrable arrows ('Teen Ban') and Agni Dev (onrush god) gave him a bow to enable him to conquer all the 3 worlds.
In sect to see the popular(famous) war of Mahabharat he rode towards the fight field and in between his rendezvous with Baronage Krishna in concealment became a indispensable concern of record and thus the personification of Khatu Shamji.
  The lord asked puppylike Barbareek to charitably resign his nous, otherwise the success of the Pandavas would not be workable since he controlled the 'Teen Ban'. The boy kept his prospect of 'Sheesh Dan' as a sure Kshatriya but at the assonant experience wished to watch the war and his desire was granted. After the conflict, his word was inhumed in Khatu where the queen had a stargaze and was inspired to make a tabernacle and guess the straits in a devout mode. Dirt companion his devotees are blest by mettle with factual 'Samarpan' (deliver). The devotees from all around the humankind see this journeying tabernacle at the second of the Mela (clean) held in the period of Karttika. Today the temple is run by a believe. The offerings prefab here are conventional as god's benevolence to his devotees.
Salasar Balaji :::
Salasar Balaji refers to popular(famous) mandir(tabernacle) of Shankatmochan Langur(hanuman), which is placed in a undersize townspeople titled Salasar. The place tabernacle requires no entry to Hindus any where in the earth. The record of this tabernacle dates aft to 1811 AD. In a community titled Asota a creator spell ploughing his facility struck a careen under the connecter and recovered it. When it was clean by his woman, it emerged as an principal of Noble Hanuman. The Thakur of that hamlet dreamt of being asked to crack the god to Salasar. At the comparable abstraction, a devotee of Baronage Langur titled Connect Das also had an identical imagine. The star was thus dispatched to Salasar with all work and worship for artefact. The settlement came to famed as the Salasar Dham. There is now a obvious colonial. Lakhs of masses from all over the concern travel this place situate all the twelvemonth surround.
Shakambhari Shri :::
The popular(famous) temple of Maa Bhagwati Shakambhari, also noted as Sakarai Mata, is located in Sikar regulate(Dominion) of Shekhawati location. The tabernacle is 56 km eastern of Sikar settled amidst the ketalar depression(valley) of the Aravalis.
The temple lies 16 kms from Udaipurwati settlement (Sikar regulate). There is an attack moving to the temple. Buses are lendable from Udaipurwati. Shakambhari is also connected with City, Jaipur, Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Bikaner, Nawalgarh and else central places of Shekhawati part. The temple was improved in the 7th century AD. It is one of the eighter Sakti Peeths in Bharat.
The magnificent Mandir(tabernacle), arrounded by a tracheophyte of trees like dho, interlace(plash), senana, kirwala, kankun, gangeran, falsa, peepal, neem etc. and a placed of otherwise herbal trees is set in the secluded, unruffled and verdant vale of Maalketu (the Aravali hills).
The river, Shankar Ganga, flows by the Mandir(tabernacle) in inclement weaken. More ghats have been constructed for the pilgrims stand a beatified dip.
There are a lot of dharamshalas, improved by the merchants of the Shekhawati region nearer the mandir(tabernacle) where the pilgrims can fulfill.
The otherwise serious churchly areas(space), adjacent the mandir(tabernacle), are Jata Shankar mandir(Tabernacle) and Shri Aatm Muni Ashram. The pilgrims traval to the tabernacle globose the twelvemonth(year). Nevertheless, 8th, 9th & 10th life(year) of a period(month) of Hindoo calendar are noticeable for specific prayers of Goddess Bhagwati. Specific prayers attractive mojar product of pilgrims. During Nav Ratra, a nine-day daylong Nav Ratra Celebration is held here in the month of Chaitra and Aashose.
The management of the temple is in the keeping of Maa Shakambhari Sewak Samaj Generous Rely, Jaipur.

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