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Chakra Yantra (Measures Declination of a Celestial Body) :::  
Measures declination langth from Northmost or Region of the ethereal equatorNo storys of thought day
In 2007, the footstall infliction was re-laid in citrus and steer was refilled in the calibrations.
  Digamsa Yantra {Azimuth Circle} :::
  • Determines the angle of a supernal entity,
  • Constructed low the direction of Prince Sawai Jai Singh II (before 1743),
• The ball was a relation of later additions,
• Only flyblown calx plaster was replaced in 2007,
Dakshinottara Bhitti Yantra {Meridian Dial} :::
•Measures the altitude or the bicuspidate height of celestial bodies when the extend the topical meridian,
•Demolished from germinal activity & rebuilt stone-by-stone at existing site. Recognize assistant shapely in 1876 with marble scales and evidence filled engravings, as a equivalent for the tatterdemalion one stacked by Prince Sawai Jai Singh II in 1728 to the northwest of the minar Samrat Yantra,
• Originally, inner apartment were stuccoed with a scraggy bed of human plaster and red layers were practical afterwards,
• In 2007, the bedraggled oxide daub was replaced and it was fattened with adhesive lave. A dilapidated wooden door was replaced and the support protection was re-laid in citrus,
Great Ram Yantra {Cylindrical Inst.} :::
•This measures the anesthetic co-ordinates of alt and angle of entity objects,
•The daring scheme in surface from the punctuation of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II (before 1743), was improved in filmmaker in 1891 under the management of Sawai Madho Singh II,
No engagement in 2007 eliminate pointing of joints with calx mortar,
Jai Prakash Yantra {Hemispherical Inst.} :::
• These are agree hemispherical arena instruments, each one is a remark of sky above,
• Constructed under the supervision of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II (before 1743) ,
• During after restorations, ten staircases guiding to the underground apartment and corridors were walled up,
• Scales of surface replaced with marble ones, after 1945 or in 1901-1902 ,
• Support assets in sharpener re-laid during 2007 improvement,
Krantivritta Yantra :::
•Measurement of supernal latitudes and longitudes,
•Said to hit been improved according to teaching of Pandit Jagganath (low Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, before 1743) and never somebody been realized, with superstructure absent,
•Superstructure not collective during 1901-1902 refurbishment either, as it was imitative to get been too onerous for the connection,
•No create carried out in 2007 as it was in fresh condition,
Krantivritta II {Measures Celestial Latitude & Longitude} :::
• Measuring of heavenly latitudes and longitudes,
• Improved in 1901-1902 by Garrett, to establish the utility of the Krantivritta Yantra as the newfangled Yantra was unexhausted unfinished,
•No play carried out in 2007 as it was in honorable information,
Kapala Yantra {Hemispherical Dial} :::  
• Utilized for measuring the relation and zodiacs,  
• Constructed low the oversight of Prince Sawai Jai Singh II (before 1743),  
• Surfacing with journalist done in 20th century In 2007, the footstall protection was relaid in spread and travel was refilled in the calibrations,  
Laghu (Small) Samrat Yantra {Equinoctial Sundial} :::  
•Measures abstraction,  
•Possibly constructed under the superintendence of Prince Sawai Jai Singh II (before 1743),  
  •Clad in red and architect quartzite under the supervising of Maharaja Ram Singh in 1876 ,  
  •Now fully rehabilitated,  
  Nadivalaya Yantra {Equinoctial Dial} :::  
  • Helps in determining the minute,  
  •Only northern concern (Uttari Gola) stacked originally, south relation and the storage assembly added before the reign of Prince Pratap Singh, when the total edifice was restored (1771),  
  •Inscription on memorial on gray plate mentions companion of support age to be Jan 25, 1771. Oldest refurbishment perhaps low the direction of Sawai Madho Singh,  
  •In 2007, broken calibrations were refilled with counsel and the artefact was covered with scatter. The right door was replaced,  
  Rasivalaya Yantra (Ecliptic Dial) :::  
  •Measures the celestial latitude and longitude of zodiacs ,  
  • Constructed before 1750's (Tieffenthaler's visit), though not a component of initial lists from Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh's period. Restored in 1870's under the direction of Maharaja Ram Singh. Angles edited by Garrett during 1901-1902 restorations - maximum alteration: 0o 29' in Azimuth and 2o 28' in Elevation,  
  •In 2008, the busted support remove on edges were replaced and discontinuous edges of instruments serviced with lime mortar,  
  Small Ram Yantras {Cylindrical Inst.} :::  
  • Constructed as models for the rebuilding of the Outstanding Ram Yantras in 1891,  
  • See not celebrated, could soul been from Prince Sawai Jai Singh II's moment,  
  • No create carried out in 2007,  
  Sasthamsa Yantra (60 deg. Meridian Chamber) :::  
  • It is utilized for measure the dec and zenith indifference of Sun,  
  • Constructed with the Vrihat Samrat Yantra,  
  • Initially, scales inscribed on smooth citrus plaster layer, as also followed in 1901-1902 restoration. Sculpture gain introduced after,
• Acerose arches on surface of the oriental Sasthamsa filled up and affixed with doors. This infill removed in 2007 improvement to display the newfangled arches,
Unnathamsa Yantra :::
• Measures height or cuspidate dimension of a heavenly goal,
•Constructed under the oversight of Prince Sawai Jai Singh II (before 1743),
•In 2007, the timber feel was consolidated, lime plaster redone and nonfunctional elephant brackets revealed,
Vrihat Samrat Yantra {Equinoctial Sundial} :::
• This is a Sun Dial that can gift the quantify to an accuracy of 2 seconds,
• Projected around 1732, realised around 1735,
• Repaired in 1901-1902 with dress scales of quadrants redrawn and gnomon edges etched in red jurist,
• Scales surfaced with marble in 1945,
• Red sandstone facing replaced the early masonry cover surface after 1969 (Volwahsen, 2001),
• Spread plastered in 2007 and penetrate nutrient group was channelised,
Yantra Raj (Astrolabe) :::
•Used for measuring relative elevation, clip, orientation of the sun and that any new supernal objects,
• No record, tho' Tieffenthaler (1750's) mentions two hulking mixture astrolabes suspended on club rings,
•In 2007, the masonry was serviced and impaired tone beams were replaced with matched tone,
Disha Yantra/ Prince Sawai Jai Singh's Furniture :::
• Indicates way •Present in 1750's when Tieffenthaler visited Jaipur. Broadsheet printmaking maybe from 1870's •Recent pioneer at repairing the bent footstall in 2008 has revealed concentric masonry rings beneath the footstall and experts are disagreeable to read the think of these rings (mayhap to state earth by stuff element).
Timing :: Duration o starting (Hrs.) 9;00-16;30,
Entry fee (in indian Repees) ::
Indian : 40 (15 Student),
Foreigner : 200 (100 Student),
Contect number : +91 141 2610494,

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