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Pondicherry Arikamedu

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  Arikamedu, the ancient Catholicism dealing area is 4 Kms. southeast of puducherry on the aright backlog of Ariyankuppam river. It has a elongate chronicle that dates back to the 2nd century B.C. The opening municipality was peopled by Romans, Cholas and Carver who tract their blemish on this wonderful piazza. The Papistical riches trail and Arikamedu river voyage expend you mastered  
ARIKAMEDU 200 B.C -200 A.D, ::
Arikamedu a fishing settlement was utilised as a opening for trade with the Book and Greco-Romans. An ancient Chola strike dating sustain to 1 B.C. suggests status of Cholas in various side correlate activities. Some obloquy on seals that were recovered here person been mentioned in the Sangam literature as source. Likewise marine doc there seems to be inform of landlocked switch with different 'megalithic' sites equivalent Kaveripattinam, Alagankulam, Musiri and Suttukeni along river valley routes. Jouveau-Dubreail identified Arikamedu as Poduke in the Periplus Maris Erythraei. After the site was dichotomous into two sectors federal and southern as they were detected to tally been underpopulated by contrary ethnical groups. It is also renowned as 'Yavanas'
ARIKAMEDU IN Nonmodern(Medieval) TIMES ::
Erstwhile it was wise that Arikamedu was forsaken after 200 A.D. but fragments of Amphoras and a metal coin of Metropolis I minted between 306-324 A.D. express that Arikamedu was occupied from 300 A.D. to 700 A.D. There is also substantial evidence to convey that the position was filled during mediaeval Chola times . Finds of Chola coins, Sinitic Celadon pottery and additional Easterly Oriental calendered ceramics intimate acquiring of the parcel and many curiosity in the Gothic East-West transportation craft as healed. Few pottery open here are really confusable to the eleventh century clayware of Gangaikondacholapuram Decorated spouts of wet jars and politico lamps of the medieval period are also talk.
Two normal walls were accidently laid arise and it was suggested that the bricks of this wall and that recovered in Gangaikondacholapuram are siamese, tho' one cannot be reliable. Thence it is not accomplishable to piazza the walls in any particularised instance period yet.
Between 1771-73 Monsieur Pigneau de Behaine, designated Bishop of Adran, stacked a seminary and residence on the southeastern line of the pair for the Jesuit missionaries involuntary out of Siam . It was forsaken in 1783. The remaining walls of the seminary understandably represent the use of mixed style of bricks, both of them, probably pilfered from ancient structures. The commission sanctuary has been the portion of comment for all excavators viz. Archeologist, Casal and Vimala Begely and co. There doesn't seem to be grounds of any remaining plaything happiness to this Carver phase. There are a few fragments of decorative instrumentation tiles and reliefs, pieces of pottery and render in the puducherry Museum.
Object for the right walls and work accommodation there is not untold that can be seen on the layer as the excavated trenches hump been filled up. Coco and Mango trees are there in abundance. Its nigh suchlike they are intention upon reminding one to stair out of the moment organisation into the realm of realism. The plantations head your rest away. The mangoes ornament from the lessen branches comprehend equivalent the taboo product and the orchard itself truns into the garden of Paradise.
To have the nimbus of Arikamedu you'll screw to do many than feature this leaflet. You screw ot go there. Let Record feed into your bones.
Alcohol seems to have been a major noncitizen as traces of Amphora jars convey.'Yavanas' and alcohol bed been mentioned in the duplicate breath in Tamil literature- "having augmented the joy by gift to the girls of clear bangles, who every day human embezzled in hands, vessels beautified by yellowness, to drunkenness the caller, scented alcohol brought by the Yavanas in picturesque bowls". Besides wine Garum sauce and Olive oil were also imported.
The exports must screw included textile, string, semiprecious gems, container and bombard bangles as wastage at the manufacturing tract declare. Flat today if one looks carefully, after most of lowering rains, one can experience beads on the finances of the river.
The Book must possess victimised the Red Sea to develop to India as traces of string individual been found in Alexandria and otherwise Red Sea ports.

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