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  Patiala is the quondam princely suggest of Punjab, which is situated in the Malwa location. The municipality covers a numerate country of 365 s km. It is a prudent synthesis of a intelligent spectrum of Rajput, Mughal and Punjabi cultures and a satisfactory fuse of modernity and practice. It was MaharajBhupinder Singh (1900-1930) who gave Patiala propose a salient place in the politicial map of Bharat. Finished Historians hold proved to drawing the filiation of patiala to Rig Vedic literature, the municipality, as it stands today,was founded by Baba Ala Singh. It was supported with the thought of Qila Mubarak in 1763.Administratively, Patiala dominion can be sub shared into 5 tehsils, 3 subs -tehsils and 8 blocks. It forms a component of the Indo-Gangetic plain and theFlood plain of the Ghaggar River. There is a multifactorial emptying system jetting finished the dominion, consisting of passage and rivers. The river Ghaggar is the most big nutrient channel of the distict.Divided from the intelligent voidance goal, the regularise also has troika beta canals, the bharkra main differentiation passage,theNawana Branch and ghaggar fastening.  
Places to Tour ::
Lachman Jhoola ::
Crosswise the miniscule Lake in frontmost of Sheesh Mahal is a magnificent hiatus tie which being a reproduction of the famous Lakshman Jhoola at Rishikesh, is also titled as LachmanJhoola. It course the Sheesh Mahal with the BanasarGhar on the new sidelong of the lake. The BanasarGhar now houses the Northernmost Order Ethnic Displace and a room for service up exhibitions.
Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib ::
The villagers of Lehal donated object for the limited Gurudwara shapely on this elevated place, said to individual been visited by Guru TegBahadur. The title is that anyone who prays at this Gurudwara is relieved of his excruciation ('dukhniwaran'). A new large building is now existence constructed.
Qila Mubarak ::
Built in 1764, by Maharaja Amar Singh, the meet has two portions. Qila Androon is the inside enclose and Qila Solon, the satellite. The receipts of Qila Androon is done in scatter dress with geometrical and patterned designs on it. Inside the forgather are two rouged architect illustrating scenes from Hindoo mythology and portraits of Religion Gurus in Patiala name. Also a section of the post is a museum of chandeliers and famous weapons.
Moti Bagh Palace ::
Started during the reign of Maharaja Narinder Singh, it was completed low Maharaja Bhupinder Singh in the crude 20th century. The Old Moti Bagh Castle now houses the Mortal Institute for Sports. The deceit has Rajasthan-style jharokas and chhatris, and the residence is set in a gorgeous garden with terraces, element channels and a Sheesh Mahal.
Sheesh Mahal ::
The Sheesh Mahal was collective behind the primary Moti Bagh Fortress to deliver as a pleasure complicated.The paintings in two of its vessel serviced, mirror-worked architect are of Kangra and Rajasthaniqalam, depicting the poetic visions of Keshav, Surdas and Bihari. The Sheesh Mahal now houses a museum, an art gallery, the renowned palm room and also the Statesman Regularize Cultural Middle.

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