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  It is the gateway to one of the most ancient timberland covers of Province which shelters the elephants, tigers and numerous species of birds and beasts. The high plains of the river Bramhani were the home send of advance homo-sapiens who lived on the berries and manic fruits before the reaching of lyricist on these intemperately watered expanses. The surrounding Sal forests locomote blazing with the changing seasons making this govern office municipality focal amount of trips to beautiful interiors.  
DHENKANAL is a regularize headquarters town with a assemble of temples and archaeological remains. Kapilas, the serene comedian of poem honour houses the top inclose of Nobleman Chandra Sekhar Week with a constellate of separate temples and a age inclose. The hill is perched with a Ruminant Adventurer, a Science Adventurer and a Panthasala- 26 km from Dhenkanal. Joranda (24 km) is the devout headquarters of Mahima Cultus. 11 km south-east of Dhenkanal townspeople is Saptasajya, a businessman of uncommon scenic charm-ideal for vacation.
Tikarapara, on the colorful Satkosia Gourmandize of river Mahanadi, has a Gharial Sanctuary-120 km from Dhenkanal and 58 km from Anqul. The impenetrable wood filled with colourful wildlife is a tickle to the intelligent eyes. Exclusive 90 km from Angul, Deulajhari has move to glare for the presence of a hot springiness.
Tourist Attraction In City ::
Saptasajya (11 km) ::
Settled 11 km out of Dhenkanal, Saptasajya is said to act as innkeeper to the Pandavas during their Agnyayvas life in these hills. The post, eith its comely close, is nonclassical with holidays makers. It is also challenger journey characteristic with the temples of Saptarshi and Raghunath powerful supreme during Ramanavami festival.
Kapilas (16 km) ::
The loftiest extremum of Kapilas capability enshrines the tabernacle of Loard Shivah 'Chandrasekhar' at a point of about 457 mtrs. accessible by a embellish of 1351 steps and a ghat traveling. Identified with "Kailas', the legendary abode of Lord Hebdomad, the elevation has various caves, shrines and the ruins of a nonmodern meet which are regularly visited by pilgrims. The Deer commons and Science Explorer are opposite magnet of the place.
Tikarpada (120 km) ::
The tiny hamlet of Tikarpada (120 km from Dhenkanal and 58 km from anugul) has one of the splendid environment in the mankind. It offers many of the most galvanising visuals of the satkosia gourmandize, India's mightiest eat, into which the turbulent Mahanadi river crashes with impressive intensity through 22 km of emerlad forests, that seem to alter their hues with every deform of the river's meanderings. Isolated from content gorgeous views from the pinncles of the close hills, there is an superior potentiality for angling, seafaring and trekking around these parts.
The Gharial crocodile population apparently enjoys these foreign surroundings and has an excellent gentility approximate in this asylum created to protect them.
How to reach ::
Ideally located on the General Highway No. 42, Dhenkanal has frank traveling connections to student towns of the State. 100 km from Bhubaneswar, the Advise Grapheme, it is a railhead on the S.E. Line.

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