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  Bhawanipatna, the headquarters of Kalahandi Regulate, is a municipality of numerous temples sacred to contrasting deities of Hindi pantheon. Titled after its presiding divinity 'Bhawanishankar', it is the most opportune immoral for touring varied places of wonder in the territory and the nearby govern of Nawapara.  
Places around Chilika ::
Ambapani hills ::
The Ambapani hills (77 km) with its frolicking depression called 'Haladigundi' is a place for viewing colourful wildlife and 7 km gone from here is the past cave paintings at Gudahandi.
Budhikomna houses the unique brick temple of Pataleswar - 40 km from Khariar and 115 km from Bhawanipatna. Also 9 km eastmost of Khariar is Yogimath, famous for the cave paintings of Period age. Patalaganga, 40 km from Khariar, is thoughtful as a sanctified characteristic.
Khanduala fall ::
Karlapat, noted for witching wildlife, is 32 km from Bhawanipatna. Nearby is Khanduala start. A stumpy interval from Karlapat is Thuamul- Rampur, a small helping of heaven on world. On the blend of the rivers Tel & Utei, Belkhandi, 67 km from Bhawanipatna is a square of archaeologic importance.
Phurli Jharan ::
Phurli Jharan, a continual waterfall of 16 mtrs. nasal has a specific persuade of its own - 15 km. The old assets of the ex-State of Kalahandi, Junagarh was a source stacked forgather with Magadhan inscriptions on its tabernacle walls- 26 km. The past assemble Asurgarh is only 35 km.
Getting There ::
Bhawanipatna is 418 km from Bhubaneswar Bhawanipatna is attached by all-weather anchorage and routine bus services from heavy parts of Odisha. The nighest railroad station is at Kesinga - 35 km.

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