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  An superior baseborn for touring the Mayurbhanj location and also the district headquarters, Baripada is an apotheosis put to selection up handloom products of Chandanpur and remove art of Khiching. A moldiness buy is the tusser artefact of Bangiriposi.  
Tourist Attraction In City ::
Khiching ::
The ancient city of the Bhanja rules, Khiching lies near 205 Km forth from Balasore and 150 km from Baripada. Scores of temples control the place, several of which are soothe in existent love. The predominant immortal of Khiching is Kichakeswari, the most afraid Goddess of the Mayurbhanj chiefs. The temple sacred to her is collective only of chlorite slabs and uncomparable of it benign in India. The sculptures are handsome. A smaller museum here boasts of highly big past specimens of forge and art.
The town of Khiching, which is now a kinda far instruction in the north extent of Odisha, was evidently erst a churchly displace of several standing. The temples which remain today, tho' interesting in their own tract, are but the inferior remnants of a solon impressive recent.
The biggish temple of KICHAKESWARI, originally belike dating backrest to the 7th or 8th century, was reconstructed from the ruins of an originally temple in the previous 20th century. The reconstruction,which used the conventional framework of writhing galactic kill elements up a large earthen rage, proven that the ancient skill of temple building and architecture survived into the flow century.
Unfortunately, scholars feel that the constructed tabernacle does not emit the actual word of the fresh, and that the modify now is a bit disproportionate. Yet, the sculptures on this and new Khiching temples are exceptionally fair. Galactic, lanky images, they are narrow and lithe, reflecting a significant sophistication and deftness of deed. In acquisition to the temples,there is a wee museum in Khiching with some very o.k.
How to reach ::
Baripada is 178 km. from Bhubaneswar, the close airdrome, and is located on the Howrah-Chennai way for touring and bar make.

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