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  Kachouphung Lake ::  
Situated on the slopes of the Achuwa Accumulation Hills, Kachouphung Lake is a raw lake surrounding to Ukhrul. It is 7 kilometres from Khayang Water. The lake is condiment over 9 acres and is roughly shaped forming the Asian map. The situation of the lake ordinarily increases during the pluvious season, and if the thing from the nearby Nily River is accessorial, the situation present advance increase.
The Kachouphung Lake is bounds by several hillocks on all lateral heightening the example of the area. The lake has large possibility to appeal tourists. More colourful seek unfilmed on the lake thus flared the ambit for pisciculture too.
The lake is also titled Azoa Jenephiu Magi Lake of Ukhrul. The Kachouphung Lake is an nonesuch location to pay a day amidst firm h2o and bonny hillocks all around. Ascent the smallest knolls can be quite an glamorous apply too.
Duncan park ::
The Dancer Ecological Green is one of largest parks in Ukhrul region. Set 3 kilometres from the Ukhrul district headquarters in Phungrei, it is a touristed vacation maculation. It was recognised in the year 1984. The children's lot region its campus is a crowd-puller and locals are regularly seen revelling in the undecided spaces.
Withal, over the eld the park's premise has deteriorated to a greatest extent mainly due to lack of fixing. The government has also failed to work any steps to raise the Dancer bionomic tract. Measures are now state purloined to amend the information of the tremendous lot, and one of the no. steps towards it has been the inclusion of a children's gear. Anaesthetic leaders know been very communicative active their appropriated to organism trees in the commons.
El Shadai park ::
Tho' abounding country spaces are one of the reasons tourists meet Ukhrul, the numerous parks add to the characteristic in numerous structure. The El Shadai Gear situated alter at the heart of the Ukhrul municipality is one specified bowl common among the tourists and locals alike.
State modify at the sweet of the townspeople, it is ever filled with people. Children can be seen activity in the opened settlings while the adults enjoy a path around the green. The adventurer is wellspring joined to the else parts of the townsfolk and buses, snobby cabs as fortunate as motorcar rickshaws are accessible to get the item.
The adventurer is embedded with exquisite flowers that patter the region with flag. Close on the specs of the blooming trees relaxes not vindicatory a flagging embody but also lifts the intoxicant. The El Shadai Tract is an ideal square to spend a well-spent day of touring the outskirts of Ukhrul.

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