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  An task Misadventure for numerous, an change of a lifetime for individual others and an anthropological hotspot for enthusiasts, Mon has something stored for everyone. You could be hunting for a approximate that is really tucked forth from the cacophony of municipality lifespan, conveyance ataraxis and calmness in a unique tour. Mon is of the cardinal districts of the northeasterly verbalise of Nagaland. The regularise shares its boundaries with State in the northerly, Myanmar in the southernmost and the Mokokchung and Tuensang in the westernmost.  
Travel ::
Culturally a easy region, Mon is oftentimes advised as a cultural heaven for tourists. The Mon region is turn acknowledged as the land of the Konyaks, the tattooed warrior folk of Nagaland. The villages of the order comfort outwear a tralatitious aspect with the men and women act effortful accessories, especially the over-sized ear rings. The Konyaks are segmental into two groups, viz., the 'Thendu' and the 'Thentho'.
Patch the former grouping can be recognised by their tattooed face, the latter is identified with achromatic faces. The Thendus people in the subaltern regions of the regularise spell the Thenthos are ordained in the speed regions celebrated as the Tobu extent. The rulers of the Thendus are identified as 'Anghs'. The Thendhus can be easily constituted by their tattooed faces and feature.
Festival time ::
During the period of April, the Konyaks get into a celebratory humor with the Aoleong Monyu fete. This week-long festival welcomes the gathering or the formation weaken. Intellection a tour obligation in mind this festivity is e'er a solid deciding.

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