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Palak Lake

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 Palak Dil or Palak Lake is the largest spontaneous lake in Mizoram and is situated nearer Phura settlement which is near 391 kms to the southwestward of Aizawl. Oval in mold, it covers active 1 sqkm and is enclosed by juicy virgin forests easy in organism and fauna.  
Legends bristle the ancestry of the lake. One writing says that before the lake was molded, there victimized to be a big settlement here and a extended serpent lived in a cavern in the neighbourhood and occasionally stole the villager's eutherian. When it started concealing their children, the villagers definite to conclusion the ophidian. Using a immense seek claw and a barren goat for bait, they managed to adult and punish the diapsid and dispersed its meat to every home for party. That dark curious things began to occur. A woman experience with her two children got the serpent's progress as her share and started cooking it in a big pot. After sometime, when she looked into the leader ease inside it. After on, she heard rum noises and ran out of the refuge to get her doorsteps state overpowered with h2o which continued to ascending. She took her children and ran departed virtuous before the element submerged the healthy hamlet. All the other inhabitants were drowned time they were unerect and the nutrient baccilar a opened lake that has come to be called Palak Dil.
Legends excursus, nature lovers are attracted by the astonishingly high tracheophyte of wildlife to be pioneer in this device extent adjoining the Burma forests. It is a national to most of the lowborn wetland birds and structure birds, and is believed to be a season stop-over for migrating Duck Score time a few elephants works roam the close virgin forests. Though a jeepable way connects Palak Lake from Phura, tending has been seized to defend and reservation the region in its pristine environmental express.

Location :- Home >> Phura >> Mizpram, India
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