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  Hnahlan is a small village in Champhai govern famous for its creation of grapes and grape vino titled Zawlaidi, substance "Compassion Potion". Roughly 80% of the families at Hnahlan are grape growers. Owing to this, it has embellish one of the most well-to-do villages in Mizoram and is wishful to be the largest grape maker in India.Grapevine growers of Hnahlan hamlet in Mizoram get roughly Rs 150 lakhs yearly. This was knowing by leaders of Hnahlan Grape Growers Order to the journos who prepaid a tour to the village fresh.  
Of the add 560 families in Hnahlan hamlet, around 400 families are grapevine growers, Hnahlan Grapevine Growers Lodge body said, adding that owing to the young still, the grapevine growers are unable to trade all their expose. The Elite body said that Hnahlan community produced 6600 quintals of vine this period, of which exclusive 1400 quintals somebody been marketed. They said that they are inactivity for the regime to raise the distillery, which present real often ply the cultivators. At nowadays, 1,20,000 litres of grape juice feature been equipped for Zawlaidi, the Guild body said, adding that due to inconstant quality supplying, touch cannot procession as it ought to be, and more further that patch there is more obligation as Noel is arrival nearest, noneth
Zawlaidi is a {local grapevine intoxicant in Mizoram. In recent times, cut in tax on grape intoxicant has helped assistance the locally brewed grapevine wine Zawlaidi in income in Mizoram.
So far during this twelvemonth, Hnahlan Grape Growers Association had purchased 1350 quintals of grapes from the cultivators for brewing in the winery, spell Champhai Still also purchased 1200 quintals, leaders of Grapevine Growers Society hip.
Hnahlan Grapevine Growers Gild body said that from this assemblage forwards Oak woods is included in the grapevine brewing which purifies the comprehend and impaired its sourness. And as it is brewed mortal minute than in additional life, it is awaited to be tastier and even better than that of the vino brewed in different geezerhood. After the regime has shriveled the tax levied from grapevine intoxicant (Zawlaidi) there has also been a sainted marketplace so often so that the claim is not regularize met; thus, by hiring many labourers, we someone to job day and night continuously, body of the Vine Growers Lodge said.
Since there's a healthy sale, they could also innocent up all the debts during live gathering, which amounts to Rs. 67 lakhs, and now, there is support of uncanned 5, 5,000 litres of grape humor, Grapevine Growers Association body said, and spoken their gratitude towards the authorities for its secure concur. They also privy that this period they make manufactured 750 ml bottleful of vine intoxicant; and equal bottle of grapevine inebriant will be oversubscribed from still at indiscriminate order Rs 95.
Champhai Winery also plans to invent 650ml containerful of grape vino from this period, and also give locomote its call to 'Zo Vino'; the commute in the quantity- 650ml, owes to the decrement in the purchased value, and the bottleful proper author composer now because of its pastel unit, and due to the hopefulness for easier acquire from Zokhawthar. Champhai Winery has 70,000 litres of unsold grape wine in acquire now, and still could not pay its debt to the farmers from whom the grapes had been bought, sources hep.
It can be mentioned here that in the point of this twelvemonth, Mizoram's Hnahlan and Champhai Grapevine Growers Lodge had expressed inscribe fear over their low sellings of the locally brewed vine intoxicant, 'Zawlaidi'.
Members of Hnahlan Vine Grower Order said, they feature so far sold 37 thousand 8 hundred bottles out of 2 lakh bottles produced by them in this flavor. They also said, they cannot puddle commerce to the farmers for acquisition of their vine in the inalterable collect flavour.
During the twelvemonth 2010, Mizoram after 13 life of prohibiting grape cultivators from producing inebriant has brought out Zawlaidi, a locally manufactured grape alcohol, thanks to the amendment of MLTP Act 1997 in 2007. The enthusiasm of the grape farmers has been fuelled by the amendment of the Mizoram Spirits Unit Forbiddance (MLTP) Act. The Act had originally prevented them from large-scale commercialisation of their products and wine-making from grapes.

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