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  Located at a interval of 50 kms to the southernmost of Aizawl, Hmuifang Elevation with an raising of 1619 metres, is solace cloaked with virgin forests indrawn since the life of the Mizo chiefs. Hmuifang Traveller Resort, situated at the scenic apex of the mountain, has been created and repaired by the Department of Tourism.  
The assist was built on the once change of the past Mizo chief and offers an ideal getaway in the midst of nature. The recur has prosperous accommodation message 6 relief apartment and a cafeteria. The patches of grasslands on the crown are also nonesuch for picnics and alfresco tenting. This is also the scene of the period Tailflower Fete and Thalfavang Kut hosted by the Deparment of Business. From here, one may stay the Mizo villages situated on the hillsides - Hmuifang hamlet, Sumsuih village, Lamchhip village and Chamring hamlet , to see the representative bucolic life of the Mizos.
The mountain also has ravishing cliffs and offers zealous views of the close hills. To the nature lovers, the surrounding forests abound with fascinating varieties of accumulation including rarefied orchids and wildlife especially avifauna.

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