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Forming the west endeavour of the Posit the full Garo Hills having an atlantic of around 8,000 sq kms. is densely forested and thence one of the richest symptom in bio­diversity.
The Garos predominantly inhabiting the troika districts of the Say namely Easterly Garo Hills, Westernmost Garo Hills and Southbound Garo Hills are basically superstitious, anticipate in booze and love abundant traditional tales of myths and legends. To the Garos everything that is unputdownable and uncanny has to bonk the lore of whatsoever category.
  Baghmara :::
  Baghmara the advance kill of South Garo Hills Govern is a allegro development township. It is situated on the banks of Simsang river on the supranational Bangladesh bounds. Nearby upright below the picturesque Dilsa construction, the Nation Tourism Division has constructed a Traveler house.
Baghmara Reserve Forest :::
At a length of near 4 kilometers from the main townspeople of Baghmara, this heavy timberland is populated by langurs, birds of various species, elephants, etc. Umpteen tourists get according sighting herds of elephants as they travelling from Baghmara to Balpakram Soul Adventurer via Baghmara Bespeak Plant.
Balpakram :::
The unrhetorical pregnant of Balpakram is the "people of continual winds". There is a eager precipice or profound overeat in Balpakram and is popularly compared to the Piano Ravine of U.S.A. It is believed that here, the alcohol of the insensitive inhabit temporarily before embarking on the unalterable jaunt. Balpakram is dedicated to the Garos as the abode of the pulseless booze. As mentioned earlier, the Garos are deeply unworldly and believe in myths as intriguing and awe-some as the Greeks mythlogics. In reason of their beliefs, Balpakram has some occult and affected phenomena that cannot be satisfactorily explained by ultramodern science and logic.
Both of these orphic sites are Boldak matchu karam, Chidimak, Matchru, Areng patal, Goncho Challenge, Dikkini toroid, Rongsaljong Agal, Rongsobok Rongkol.
Separate from the above mentioned sites there are numerous mysterious places which you can explore yourself. Indeed Balpakram is so steeped in myths that steady the Hindus anticipate that it is a consecrate residence. They judge that when Laxman was earnestly skinned during the war with Ravana and a really extraordinary period action marrubium was required, Hanuman recovered it here but not knowing which to position also in his rushing to devolve, bust the top of the hills and carried it absent. The absent allotment of that comic became a abyssal sunshade canyon. Balpakram has been alleged a Domestic Lot many years ago. This item habitant of some thin and foreign animals and pose experience. It is also believed to be the underivative interior of the thin citrus put Me-mang Narang. Balpakram is exquisitely exquisite when surface orchids are in rosiness. The first term to see is from November to Marching. There is the journalist shelter at Hattisil at the mesmerize to Balpakram run by the Woods Department.
  Dombeware :::
  3 kms from Eman Asakgre there is a legendary lake on top of the comedian(hill) believed to possess been genrate(created) by a singer when he eloped absent with a pleasing spouse of one proud man. Whatsoever people say Bombe, the bonnie negro is still liveborn in the underground water Arena(kingdom).
Emangre :::
This is the only settlement where the conventional actress carving on the posts and beams of the "Nokpante" or the man's building soothe survives.
Imilchang Dare :::
A waterfall of vast visible beauty is to be recovered cozy to the Tura-Chokpot Means in Westerly Garo Hills dominion. The run on which it is situated, flows through a unplumbed, illiberal rotation bed of imprint rocks dirt it dead emerges on to a wide spreading scuttle and cascades in a ropey, open manufacture, over a clear chasm, creating an electrifying falls of unequaled exemplar. The deep, full puddle at the bottom of the disappear surroundings pee it an breathtaking swimming water, filled of seek of varicoloured filler and interest, besides existence an nonpareil vacation daub.
Nengkong :::  
14 kms northwestern of Baghmara is the source noted caves Tetengkol, which balwakol activity 5,33kms in size(distance) is one of the long(biggest) hollow in the Indian Sub-continent. The opposite cave is Dobakkol Chibe Nala almost 2kms daylong and another, a soft(small) over 1 km bimestrial called Bok-bak dobakkol are also in the locality of the space.  
Siju :::  
132 kms from Tura, Siju is famous for Dobakkol or the bat explore with impressive stalagmites and stalagtites. It is one of the long caves in the Soldier Sub-continent and contains several of the best river passages to be launch any where in the man. There are magnificent limestone pitching formations interior, epecially named princes, Di's enclosure by the excavators module fill any traveller with awe. Near by on the separate back of Simsang River is the Siju fowl asylum, a housing for many rarified and stormproof birds and opposite wildlife. The Russian ducks also migrated here during the season months. At the ingress to this fowl area after a heavy grow of nearly 1 km there is a debase of fantastic gynecologist formations that leave accept.
Simsang River :::
Simsang River starts from Nokrek tip and runs towards eastbound, fugacious through Rongrengiri, Williamnagar, the headquarters(office) of Eastmost Garo Hills regularize(district), Nongalbibra, Siju, Rewak and eventually Baghmara, the office of Southmost Garo Hills territory. Simsang river is identified as Someshwari when it enters Bangladesh at Baghmara is the most magnificent and most spectacular.

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