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The Jaintia Hills in the State of Meghalaya is bounded on the Northmost and Eastside by the State of Assam. On the Southwesterly by Bangladesh and on the Westerly by Easternmost Khasi Hills Regulate(district). The unconditioned atlantic is 3,819 sq.kms. having a universe(famos) of 2,95,692 (2001 Census). A line of undulating hills opulent in mineralized deposits. The born flora changes according to the topography of the arrive land of Jaintiapur now in comprise day Bangladesh.  
  Durga Temple at Nartiang ::
  Conterminous to the ruins of the Summer Fortress of the Jaintia Businessman in slicker of the curved gateway of red bricks stands the Durga Tabernacle. It is believed that the temple was constructed by the Jaintia Tycoon on his changeover to Faith. It is said that the tabernacle artifact initially was equal a typic Khasi business having a Focal wooden structure (dieng Blai) and the roof was in thatch. Later, the thatch was replaced by a corrugated tin roof. Further change on the roof as we now see has a tower equal a Church.
During the confine of the Jaintia Kings, imperfect sacrifices were offered to Goddess Durga. Within the tabernacle there is a hollow that reaches the river Myntang and it is finished this hit that the heads were folded trailing to the Myntang River. Weak relinquish was banned during Nation confine and goats are now sacrificed.
Borghat Temple ::
This village is situated end to the Bangladesh meet(border). Borghat Mandir(Tabernacle) sacred to Hindustani institution is placed within this community(village). In olden days, sacrifices were offered in this tabernacle, still it had been flyblown during the 1897 temblor(earthquaka).

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