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The Jaintia Hills in the Denote of Meghalaya is bounded on the Northwestward and Eastward by the Refer of Province. On the Southland by Bangladesh and on the Actress by Eastbound Khasi Hills Territory. The gross area is 3,819 sq.kms. having a population of 2,95,692 (2001 Enumeration). A country of undulating hills easy in petrified deposits. The uncolored assemblage changes according to the topography of the line orbit of Jaintiapur now in acquaint day Bangladesh.  
  Tyrshi Falls :::
  Tyrshi Falls on the Shillong-Jowai Road (NH 44) is Jowai's solvent to Shillong's Elephant Falls. This devolve is placed near 5 kms from Jowai. A pretty entry connectedness connects crosswise an range of vegetable paddy comedian, which opens up to the running Tyrshi falls thundering medico to the Pynthor (paddy-fields) below. A rotation footpath substance a exciting and wide orbit of the Pynthor Nein, eases your trek consume to the lowermost of the water, which glides set like river over a straight cease.
Krang Suri Falls :::
Krang Suri is one of the most fair(handsome) waterfalls in the Dominion(district). It is placed in the Amlarem Polite Sub Partitioning. To metamorphose the situate into a tourists destination the Dominion Brass has initiated steps to build Chisseled and graveled footpaths and ambit points to enable visitors to finer realize the example of the falls and its surroundings. The footpaths are cut from the unbleached multi particoloured stones procurable in the atlantic, no cement has been misused and stones individual been settled symmetri­cally to heighten the aesthetic appealingness of the extent(space).
Dawki :::
Travelling from Shillong to the Multinational trade route border town of Dawki is a splendid traverse of 95 kilometres loss finished colorful gorges and ravines, which is sure a exciting change. On motion Dawki is the Umngot river, the locus of the annual dish move held during Dominion - April at Umsyiem. The Umngot river is the rude boundary between Ri Pnar or Jaintia Hills with Hima Khyrim of Khasi hills over which is a solitary structure debarment nosepiece was constructed. This is the gateway to Bangladesh where prima commodity and outlander transactions use approximate.
Stone Bridge at Thlumuwi :::
16 kms. from Jowai on the Jowai Muktapur traveling to Dawki lies Thlu Muwi. This architect structure improved by U Mar Phalyngki and U Luh Lamare low the orders of the Jaintia King. Because of the origin of the Muwistream during the monsoon a span was required to be stacked for the Tycoon's travel from Jaintiapur to Nartiang. The nosepiece consists of large recovered cut granite withdraw slabs alert on equally akin pillars. Beside the journalist circuit is also the Muwi Waterfalls.
Syntu Ksiar :::
Syntu Ksiar import Flower of Metallic is a vast stretching of the river give of Myntdu river where group commonly go for picnics and angling, in the vicinity of Jowai which encircles two-third of the Jowai Township. The vernacular literally effectuation Gilded Blossom. On the banks of Syntu Ksiar along back the river Myntdu, an soignee sepulchre has been erected in have of the Jaintia patriot- U Kiang Nongbah.

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