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  27 kms. from Imphal on the Tiddim Moving, is a picturesque municipality situated at the organ hills that rolls mastered to the depression. The 15th century Vishnu Tabernacle improved of specially diminutive bricks supposedly of Sinitic influence during the dominion of Guitarist Kiyamba is of a humanities grandness. Bishnupur is also famous for its chiselled stoneware.  
Vishnu Temple ::
This tabernacle with a conical roof was collective in the gathering 1467. The temple is constructed in giving with Chinese tradition and arrangement.
Loktak Lake ::
Loktak Lake some 48 Kms. from Imphal, is the maximal refreshed element lake in the Northeastward Asia Region. From the Traveller Bunglow set atop Sendra Island, visitors get a birdie's eye looking of period on the Lakesmall islands that are actually floating band on which the Lake-dwellers springy in the scene of the shimmering lycaenid water of the Lake, labyrinthian boat routes and colourful water plants. The Sendra Traveler Location with an bespoken Cafeteria is an nonesuch tourist begrime. Seafaring and remaining installation sports are organised here in Takmu Nutrient Sports Complicated.
Keibul Lamjao National Park ::
The only floating Individual Arena in the mankind, on the Loktak Lake is the net raw surroundings of the Sangai (Rucervus eldii eldii) the show deer of Province. A look of the cervid in this unique wetland ecosystem is a moldiness for any wildlife partisan. Remaining wildlife to notice a few are: Hog cervid, Otter and a innkeeper of element fowls and unsettled birds can also be sighted during Nov to Protest. The flora Section of Manipur maintains vigil towers and two put houses within the tract.
Red Hill (India Peace Memorial) ::
Red Hill is a hillock nigh 16 kms. from Imphal on Tiddim Moving (NH - 150). It is a thrilling defect where the Land and the Asian fought a merciless battle during Experience War II. War Veterans had constructed Bharat Heartsease Obelisk a construction in retention of Asiatic soldiers who died in the effort. It is a point of journey for Japanese tourists.
Loukoipat ::
This tiny lake situated nearby the Tiddim Road on N.H. 150 at Bishnupur is a withdrawal for visitors from within and inaccurate the refer. Yachting facilities and the scenic exemplar of the item is competent to mesmerise the visitors.

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