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  Solapur is located at a interval of 456 km from Bombay in Maharashtra on the botanist of river Sina. This residence is famous as a Middle for Jains. The port is placed on solon roadworthy and denounce routes between City and City, with a subfigure blood to Bijapur and Gadag. Solapur matured as a advert displace for absorbent and additional agricultural food.  
Solapur is in southbound orient Maharashtra, India. Solapur is one of the largest cities in Maharashtra, situated close the borders with Mysore and Andhra Pradesh. Gramdiwat of Solapur is Siddharameshwar. Solapur is located on the major roadworthy and kick routes between Metropolis and City, on phytologist of river Sina. It is famous as a midpoint of Jains.
Points of Attracter ::
Siddheshwar Lake, Pandharpur, Mangalwedha, Machnur, Akklakot, Material Gather, Siddheshwar Tabernacle, Mallikarjuna Tabernacle, Parasnath Tabernacle, Adinath Temple, Masjids, Churches and Agyari are the attractions of this rank. Bhui-Kot Manse - mansion of 15th century and low the Bahamani period, Hutatma Garden, Tuljapur - Tuljabhavani Tabernacle (45 km forth), Naldurg Gather (approx. 45 km towards Hyderabad). Hipparga Lake - a scenic nature region.
Akkalkot ::
Akkalkot is exclusive 38 km from Solapur which is a sanctified area due to the inclose of Akkalkot Swami. Akkalkot is considered to be an arch property of Datta. The Vatavriksha Tabernacle of Shri Swami Samartha and Akkalkot Swami math are principal religious places, which are visited by umteen devotees.
Pandharpur ::
Pandharpur is the holiest property in Maharashtra for Hindus, with its Vitthal-Rakhumai temple on the botanist of the Bhima river. This river is titled as 'Chandrabhaga' because of its contour is same half stagnate. It is only 70 km from Solapur.
Tuljapur ::
Tuljapur is in Osmanabad District, 40 km from Solapur has goddess Tulja Bhavani. She is famed as the phratry god of Maharashtra and especially Shivaji, the inflammation of the Mahratta Corp. The expression of the Indian warriors is "Jai Bhavani, Jai Shivaji".
Crosswise the borderline in Gulbarga Regularise of State, is Ganagapur, added space of pilgrimage. The metropolis of Bijapur in Karnataka, 109 km from Solapur, is widely glorious for its 'Gol-Gumbaj', a highly regarded mend of structure.
Transport ::
Anaesthetic Municipal Bus Company is free for localised trasportation. Solapur is 433 km forth from Metropolis and 244 km from Pune. Solapur is well-connected with metro-cities equal Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore with railway and roads.
Speciality ::
Solapur has numerous educational institutes. Governance Tech Solapur, Dr. Vaishampayan Structure Medical College, College of Structure, Dayanand Institutions Supported in 1940, Solapur Lincoln, Walchand Create of Field these are some educational institutes in Solapur.
Solapur has many majuscule personalities equivalent Dwarkanath Kotnis, Walchand Hirachand Doshi, Sushilkumar Shinde, Rector of Powerfulness (City), Onetime Primary Diplomatist (Maharashtra), Atul Kulkarni, Suresh Gupta, SEBI.

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