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  Sangli is situated in west-central portion of India. Sangli District is set in the southwestern attempt of Maharashtra. It is bounded by Satara and Solapur districts to the septentrion, Bijapur Regulate to the easterly, Kolhapur and Belgaum districts to the southernmost, and Ratnagiri Regularize to the occident. Sangli has unconditional 8 talukas. Sangli, Miraj, Tasgaon, Aatpadi, Kawathemahankal, Vita, Jat, Aashta. The port make Sangli is devised after it's six lanes (Saha -Gallies). Sangli is the administrative office of Sangli Regularize.  
Sangli is a pupil city in Hesperian India 390 km from Mumbai and 700 km from Metropolis. Sangli is celebrated for its turmeric occupation, grapes and sweeten factories. Sangli is also a star pedagogy and care centre.
Sangli has industrial itself as a is now a fashionable city with broader anchorage, starring railway connection, cyber-cafes, hotels with multi-cuisine, very angelic pedagogy, tending, telecommunication and amusement facilities. A Software Technology Parcel is being set up in a number location of the municipality.
Points of Attracter ::
Ganpati Temple, Haripur Sangmeshwar Temple, Tasgaon Ganapati Temple, Sagareshwar Wildlife Shelter, Chandoli Wildlife Bema, Dandoba Hills Wood Field, Audumbar, Koyna Wildlife Shelter, Famous Tasgaon Ganesha Tabernacle, Bagetil Ganapati Temple, Haripur, Mahatma Gandhi Vachnalay.
Transport ::
Railway Stations: Sangli, Miraj, Bhilavadi, Kirloskarwadi, Takari all are centered railway stations. Metropolis is some 390km from Sangli, Pune 220km, Banglore 630km. Buses are avilable for topical charge. Say displace to pupil cities similar City, Pune, Nasik etc. is also acquirable from the Work Bus Stand. Reclusive buses also free from Sangli to Pune with really affordable rates.
Speciality ::
Sangli is the largest line mart expanse for turmeric explosive in the total country, also the Accumulation's largest sugar set is situated here. Today, statesman than 90% of the turmeric occupation in Bharat takes set in Sangli. Metropolis is notable as 'Sugar Belt' of Maharashtra. The territory has statesman than xxx sweeten factories, which makes it among the maximal sugar-producing districts of Bharat. It also has oil seeds, commodities and production industry. Sangli is also legendary for exalted level grapes. Krishna Depression Inebriant Parcel of Sangli has been established as an Agri-Export Processing Zone by the Indian authorities.
The municipality derives its refer from "Saha Galli" ("Six Lanes" in Marathi). Sangli metropolis is familiar as Natyapandhari, the beginning of Sanskrit drama. A historic Ganpati temple built in the 18th century by judgement Patwardhan dynasty of Sangli, decreed by Peshwas of Pune. The tabernacle attracts thousands of devotees period around. Sangli is a symptomless notable area for its lok kala, social activities, Educational facilities and its really own Co-operative principles.
Metropolis has educational institutes same Walchand College of Engineering, Padmabhushan Vasantro Patil Create of Technology Budhgaon, Rajarambapu Create of Engineering Islampur, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Latthe Training Gild polytechnic. Government Medical College Miraj, Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical College, Wanlesswadi, Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College, Wanlesswadi, Annasaheb Dange Ayurvedic Medical College, Ashta, Rajarambapu Patil Ayurvedic Scrutiny College, Islampur these are whatever of medical colleges. Miraj and Sangli together has much than 800 hospitals.
Deccan Breeding Elite Institute of Direction Vishrambaug, Bharati Vidyapeeth Create of Management Rajawada Chowk, CSM Institute of Direction KWC College these are any of the direction colleges. Appasaheb Birnale College of Pharmacy, Govt. College of Pharmacy Miraj, Miraj Examination Centrist College of Medicine these are pharmacy colleges. Law College, Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College. Appasaheb Birnale College of Structure, SNDT Women's College, Kasturbai Walchand College, Willingdon College, Chintamanrao Transaction College, Garware Women's College, LGR Purohit Kanya Prashala,Patrician Saraswati Kanyashala, metropolis piercing schoolhouse.

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