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  Ratnagiri is located on the southwesterly section of Maharashtra on the Arab Sea Coast. It is surrounded by handsome hills of Sahyadri ranges. It was formerly the administrative grapheme of Bijapur rulers.  
It came low the test of Satara kings in 1731. Ratnagiri was given to the Land in 1818. A assemble was shapely during the Bijapur dynasty and strong in 1670 by the Maratha vocalist Shivaji, which is placed on a headland nearer the refuge. It is one of the fundamental ports of the Konkan seacoast. It has a castle where the senior singer of Burma, Thibaw, and subsequent Veer Savarkar, were unfree.
It is also believed that the Pandavas having performed their pilgrimage on the 13th assemblage had prescribed in the adjoining region of the Ratnagiri dominion and when the Pandavas and the Kauravas had the famous war at Kuruskshetra, the king of this location Veeravat Ray had attended then there.
Points of Attracter ::
Temples/caves ::
Visitors correspond frequently Parashuram Temple warm Chiplun, Ganapatipule and Pavas. Caves in the Chiplun, Khed, Dabhol, Sangameshwar, Gauhani Velgaum and Vade Padel are also couturier impermanent. The Buddhistic fable in the Papanch, Soudan and Srath Appakasini save the transformation of Konkan to Faith as incipient as the period of Gautama (BC 560-481). Shivsamarth gad at sawarde come chipalun is also worth temporary with all sculptures from Shivaji Maharaj era.
Ganga of Rajapur ::
This is the unaffected phenomenon. But it is retributory equivalent a miracle because every 3 life the healed forms 14 little pools of food of disparate temperatures active 3 ft isolated. Grouping believed that the dedicated Ganga Mata appears to the devotees there. Geologists jazz theorized that this is a rare occurrence of a jumbo innate draw from a nearby elevation.
Jaigad Enclose ::
Jaigad meet is 35 km from Ganapatipule and at the entrance of the Sangameshwar river. This 17th century defence offers a commanding orbit of the sea. Jaigad enclose is situated at a sheltered bay. Its beach is small and harmless.
Malgund ::
Outstanding mathematician Keshavsoot born in Malgund. This is micro village near 1 km forth from Ganpatipule. Marathi Sahitya Parishad has constructed Keshavsoot Smarak a lovely sepulchre in module of major stargazer.
Pawas ::
Swami Swaroopanad a sacred deceiver prefab this place his abode. So Pawas achieved prominence, also its unbleached beauty and serenity. Now the rank where Swami Swaroopanand is victimized to reside is reborn into Ashram.
Ratnagiri Meet ::
Gather built during the Bahamani instruction. The assemble is shoe wrought, with a size of 1300 metres and width of 1000 metres. Surrounded by sea on leash sides, with realm deed it on the quarter root. On one of the sea braving sides, break of the formation has collapsed to divulge a undermine. The 'Siddha Buruj', comfort has a lighthouse, that has stood here for life. A picturesque temple of The Goddess Bhagwati is one of the main places of worship in the area of the gather.
Transport ::
The way to go to Ratnagiri by route is, ideally from Bombay, which is 373 kilometres forth, or also from Goa, which is fireman at 200 kilometres. State move to pupil cities equal Metropolis, Pune, Nasik etc. is also procurable from the Bus Lay. Sequestered buses also open with really inexpensive rates.
Speciality ::
Ratnagiri Mangoes (Ratnagiri Hapus Aambe) are very touristy in all over Bharat. Mangoes from Devgad are also really famous.

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