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  Nashik is in the north of Maharashtra, 185 km. This city is familiar as Grapevine City. Nashik is placed o th ebanks of Godavari river and is big mythologically, historically, socially and culturally. Famed for the temples on the banks of the Godavari, it has historically been one of the place sites of the Hindi faith. It is one of the foursome cities that hosts the massive Sinhastha Kumbh Mela once every xii geezerhood. Nashik was familiar as the metropolis of roses (Gulshanabad). Now notable as the metropolis of Grapes. Efforts are on the ontogeny of goods attribute rose agriculture and inebriant industries. This city is the bag most industrialised port in Maharashtra after Bombay and Pune.  
Points of Attracter ::
Kalaram Mandir ::
This mandir was improved by Peshwas. It was improved with someone stones. There illustrious large utsav on Ramnavami, Dasara and Chaitra Padwa. The stones of this temple were brought from Ramshej. It took 12 age to physique the tabernacle with 2000 workers. The apex of the tabernacle is prefab up of 32 mountain of gold. In 1930, Dr. Ambedkar performed Satyagraha, to consent the entry of Harijans into the temple.
Muktidham ::
Muktidham temple is situated on Nashik way. This mandir is the magnificient fabric of architecture. It is improved with sculpture gathering Makran in Rajastan, and by Rajastani scluptors. Speciality of this temple is that 18 chapters of Geeta inscribed on the walls. After impermanent this temple every Religion feels that he has visited all quaternity dhams. One cn see replicas of all xii Jyotirlingas over here.
Panchavati ::
River Godavari flows finished Nashik and its Northern endeavor is titled as Panchavati. There are squad Banian (Vad) trees and thence the area is titled Panchavati. Nearby is Sita Gumpha (hollow) where Sita is said to make stayed for both experience.
Ramkund/Gandhi Memorial ::
It is believed that Shriram has purloined room here in this kund so this kund is called as Ramkund. It is situated nigh Gandhi Lake. A dip in this kund is advised worshipful. Adjacent kund a memorable sepulcher is prefab out of designer ball, in memory of the Father of the Land. His ashes were dropped in Ramkund after Gandhiji passed absent on 30th January 1948.
There are numerous ganapati temples in Nashik equivalent Navshya Ganapati, Dholya Ganapati, Tilya Ganapati, Varad Vinayak, Khandave Ganapati , Water Traveling Ganapati. Galore much temples.
Transport ::
Movement Nashik is undemanding as the Nashik line send is one of the student devotion of the Midway Railroad. Nashik is 220 km departed from Pune. Near airdrome is Mumbai or Pune with a indifference of 175 km.
Speciality ::
There are team "Industrialized Zones" in the Nashik region and its outskirts (Satpur, Ambad, Sinnar, Igatpuri and Dindori). These estates concern corporations like Mahindra and Mahindra, MICO (Bosch), VIP Case, Crompton Greaves, GlaxoSmithKline, Carbon India Ltd. (Formerly Copy Everflow Ltd), Larsen & Toubro, ABB Gather, Engineer, Samsonite, Ceat and Hindustan Physics Controlled. Software companies equal Aress Software, WNS. It is domicile to an central energy country complex (Eklahare) and a Someone Deposit Writing Mould Bharat Safeguard Pressure at Nashik Traveling.
Tourists can also care trips to Shirdi, Trimbakeshwar, Dudhasagar Waterfalls, Saptashringi Devi Temple, Nandurmadhmeshwar, Bhandardara Jawhar and Nandur Madhameshwar Meat Asylum, which are not so far the city.

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