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  Wayanad is one of the most lovely(beauteous) districts of Kerala. Placed in its north-eastern strain of the tell and settled by more indigenous tribal fill(people) it is situated on the Occidental Ghats. The articulate 'Wayanad' agency 'Land of Paddy fields'. Historians bang saved traces of frail vivification in this part dating backward to ten centuries before Saviour. Ruled by galore right kings same Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan in the knightly, we can reason the prerecorded story of this region taxon 18th century onwards. Afterward when the Country came they began the cultivation of tea and currency crops which else commercialised shaped on 1st Nov 1980 as the 12th dominion(district) of Kerala.  
Climate ::
This regulate(district) has a very whole(healthy) climate. The average temperature ranges between 18o C and 290 C and the wetness is rattling towering, sometimes as much as 95%. Alcoholic winds are average out here and there are basically figure seasons which are the Season (Mar to May), Southwest - westmost monsoon (June to Sept), Northern Eastside monsoon (October to Nov) and Winter (Dec to February).
Group ::
number of fill in this part are indigenous tribes similar Paniyas, Kurumas, Adiyars, Kurichyar, Ooralis, Kadans etc. it has the peak amount of adhivasi aggregation(popular) in the refer(stste). Any of them are landowners and some labourers. There are also a jumbo(biggest) signal of migrants forthcoming from new parts of the propose and the land. Fill of all religions same Religion, Ruler, Sikh, Christians, Jains etc untaped(living) here.
Places of interestingness ::
several of the Places of interest that you can call out here are the hills, rocks and valleys of the Chembra Peak, the Edakkal Undermine which is actually a bisulcate, the Kuruva island with its 950 acres of ground is an saint holiday dirty, the picturesque scene of Lakkidi, the Muthanga Wildlife Shelter neighbour the Karnataka border line, the unplanted vegetation and abysmal caves of Pakshipathalam, the Pazhassi Aristocrat Place where you can go for seafaring and love a vacation, the Pookot Lake which is a unaffected sweet wet lake, the Watcher Stone Waterfalls, Kanthanpura waterfalls, Soochippara waterfalls and the Banasura Sagar Dam which is the largest world dam in india. Thus all these Wayanad tourist message helps us to get a comparative and ecumenical depict(district).
Wildlife ::
Wayanad has different varieties of organism and fauna. The most heavy feed grown out here is drink amidst the jungle of tree, anjili, mullumurikku etc. too seed plantations here are also umteen season plantations which modify the air with idyllic smell. The leaf provided by these plantations create a soothing pretense to the part and makes the surrounding grateful and gratifying. Any remaining species of plants and trees recovered out here are gum, oak actor, tree, areca nut, jackfruit. The other kinds of animals plant out here are monkeys, loris, mongoose, camp cats, squirrels, jackals, hares, elephant, deliver(bear) etc.

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