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Sri Kabbalamma Temple

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  Sri Kabbalamma temple is placed in the Kabbal settlement(village) in the Kanakapura Taluk of Ramanagara region. The Kabbal hamlet is also place to the gather of Kabbal. This enclose is improved on a monolithic tilt 250m mellow with bluff surfaces on leash sides and little sharp surfaces on the ordinal(4rath) broadside.  
Sri Kabbalamma Temple - Overview ::
The temple is believed to be the only enclose for nearly 28 villages in the close region. According to fill nearby, the goddess is rattling effective and is believed to fit all her devotees' wishes.
Sri Kabbalamma Temple ! Religious Significance ::
The presiding god of this temple is Goddess Kabbalamma. The hamlet, post and hillock are named after this tabernacle. Durga in Kanarese substance defence, hence the make Kabbal Durga has been assumption to this hill. There are galore stories and traditions associated with this tabernacle. Basaveshwara, the centre living in the temple premises is believed to freedom a role in approving devotees.
When a devotee promises to content something to the centre(bull), he is asked to sleep over the room and the crap(bull) is allowed to vocation over him. This is one patronage followed in the tabernacle. Sometimes microscopic children are also allowed to lie downed in first of the officer.
The devotees substance a arrange of nowness notes to convey the Basava for fulfilling their wishes. These notes are level up to the bull's horns.
Sri Kabbalamma Temple ! Facts ::
Kabbal Durga construction is nonpareil locate for trekking and ascent enthusiasts.
The close hospital to the village is Sathnur.
The petrol chisel is placed at Kanakapura.
The structure is commonly lower huddled but grouping regularly meet the tabernacle on the top. The temple polity are cerebration to physique other temple; group who greet to donate any money for the intellection can striking them. Oct to Feb is the best period to see this temple.
How To Get to Sri Kabbalamma Mandir(Temple) ::
Kabbal Durga is placed around 75 km from the city of Metropolis(bangalore), 15 km from Kanakapura and 22 km departed from Channapatna. This judge(space) can be reached by touring.
By Bus :- Get a bus to reach Kanakapura/Ramnagara/Channapattna and from here a bus to Sathnur. Sathnur is settled(pllaced) on the way to Kollegal/Malavalli from Bangalore. It is preferred to move from Kanakapura and from there attractive a bus to Sathnur or Kabbalu, since Kabbulu settlement is nearest Sathnur. The rate of dos governing buses is low but many secret buses ply along this line.
Touring(road) :- You can move Kabbal by taking the NH209 Kanakapura Way which goes direct to Kanakapura. From here bear the roadworthy which goes to Kollegal/Malavalli. Erst you make a fare around 7 km from Kanakapura, conduct(take) the modify. After move the Channapattana-Sathnur means, bed faction(Take left).

Location :- Home >> Kabbalu >> Ramanagara >> karnataka, India
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