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  Somnathpur, a tiny village on the botanist of the Kaveri, 140 kms, south-west of Bangalore. "There is a still and everlastingness most the early, it changes not and has a deed of eternity," wrote Pt. Jawaharlal Statesman in his "Insight of Bharat(India)."  
This locate boasts of one of the antepenultimate and the grandest of Hoysala monuments - the Kesava Tabernacle built 740 age ago.By the year 1268 A.D., the assemblage in which the Kesava tabernacle at Somnathpur was improved. The riches and splendour of the Hoysala move were already noticeable in their piano temples at Belur and Dvarasamudra (inst(present) day, Halebid).
Record of Somnathpur ::
The powerful monarch was Narasimha III (1254-91 A.D.) whose heavy regal appellation runs into a sizeable paragraph: "Sri Vishnuvaradhana, Pratapa Chakravarti, Hoysala Bhujabala, Sri Vira Narasimha, Maharajadhiraja, Aristocrat Paramesvara, Sanivarasiddhi, Giridurgamalla etc.
The tabernacle, notwithstanding, was improved by this historied army serviceman, Somnath. Whatever year ago he had supported a settlement on the socialistic reserve of the Kaveri river, which he named Somnathpur, after himself. All the facts are duly mentioned on the slab in old Kanarese playscript and materialize as though to person happened yesterday!
The temples in Somnathpur are not as famous as the ones in Belur and Halebid , tho' they all are from the same period. Somnathpur is many symbolical of the age, since it did not hurt ending as untold as Belur and Halebid did and hence offers a author solid perspective of period's architecture. Oft it is referred to as the insufficient relative of Belur and Halebid.
Somnathpur's temples adhere to the typical Hoysala name architecture where the temple is fashioned as a mini flower(cosmos) with scenes engraved on the walls including Gods, Goddesses, recreation girls, musicians, gurus and all kinds of animals including elephants, lions, cows and monkeys.
Its unequaled ornamentation and perfect equilibrium are ignored amidst the farms and rural lands of surrounding villages. It is visited solon by adulterating tourists than servant.
At the temple, the satellite walls are decorated with a periodical of star-shaped folds and the total organ is wrapped with carved journalist plaques. The walls above the footstall are also graven with exquisite figures of gods and goddesses, embezzled from the Religion puranas, and meticulously ordered in straight panels.
The most famous tabernacle is the one devoted to Keshava, improved around 1268 AD by which period the Hoysalas had realized 260 age in land. Withal, the temples of Somnathpur were not improved by the businessman, but by fashionable gray commander Somnath. He supported a hamlet on the botanist of the Cauvery and then embarked on constructing temples in a bid to more his immortality.
The temple itself, stellar in conformation, has trey profusely incised pinnacles with a lowborn Navranga and stands on a raised construction.
The ternion place sanatoriums formerly housed beautifully lapidarian idols of Kesava, Janardhana and Venugopala. Today, the effigy of Baronage Kesava is wanting but the separate two relieve alter the sactum sanatoriums in their original contour.
Where to stay in Somnathpur ::
Really smallest hotels are forthcoming in Somnathpur. It is outdo to fulfil overnight at City.
Food ::
There are rattling few ample restaurants in Somnathpur. Better to move matter from Mysore.
How To Make Venugopalaswamy Mandir(Temple) ::
Airport :- Bangalore airfield is the nearest to Somnathpur.
Series(railways) :- Mysore is the near procession place(station).
Touring(road) :- Buses from Mysore (60 km), Bangalore (130 km) and Srirangapatna.

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