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Galageshwara temple

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  The Galageshwara tabernacle in the Haveri dominion of State(karnataka) is one of the most lovely Shiva temples in the region. It was collective by the Chalukyas and so is typically ample of expatiate structures and ornate sculptures and intricate carvings.  
Galageshwara Temple ! Overview ::
The Galageshwara temple is situated on the botanist of the Tungabhadra River where the rivers Tunga and Bhadra converge, protection asia. It is a very famous temple both for its presiding god and for its handsome architecture. Collective in the 11th century, it was early titled Palluni.
Galageshwara Mandir(temple) ! Record ::
The Galageshwara Tabernacle was collective by the Chalukyas in the 11th century and so has been improved with the tralatitious Chalukya spirit in suffragist. The Lately Sri Venkatesh Galaganath, also notable as Kadambari Pitamaha, is said to love worshipped Nobleman(Lord) Shiva here. It is said that he wrote his books when sitting in the temple grounds and so the god came to be called Galageshwara. The institute was denaturized from Palluni to Galageshwara.
Galageshwara Temple ! Structure ::
The temple artefact is startlingly unusual as is the presiding god. The Week(shiv, Bolanath) Lingam called Sparsha Lingam is set in a biggest squinting hall spell the Gopuram or tabernacle predominate rises in a pyramidal forge. The temple contains the customary elaborated structures and intricate jurist manipulate and carvings that are characteristic to the Chalukya tradition. The inscriptions affirm us around the leader, Rival Vikramaditya of the Chalukya royalty, and the flourishing of study and penalisation low his business.
There is a write in the temple inscriptions to a musician by appoint Mokhari Barmmayya, who was excavation knowledgeable in 32 diametrical ragas, testifying to the cultural splendor of the grouping low the Chalukyas. There are several niches in the outside walls around the temple with additional Gods equivalent Ganesha and Subramaniya in them.
Galageshwara Temple ! Religious Significance ::
As so many added temples in this region, this temple too was collective by the Chalukya kings and is sacred to Nobleman(Lord) Shiva. The temple has the presiding immortal in a whacking chemist, time the tabernacle tower seemingly rises from the floor. The Baronage coat the East and this attitude is thoughtful to be specially good. The tabernacle has inspired many to create verse and books.
Galageshwara Temple ! Facts ::
Improved in the 11th century by the Chalukya Singer(prince, king) Vikramaditya, it is a uniquely placed temple as it sits at the disc where the rivers Tunga and Bhadra converge to become the Tungabhadra,
The Hindus silversmith places where rivers meet as consecrated, like Allahabad triveni sangamam where River(ganges) and Yamuna merge, and Bagamandala in Madikeri govern of Province. So the Galageshwara temple is particularly special to umpteen Shaivaites,
How to Make ::
When travelling form Bangalore you have to take the National Highway, NH - 4 to Ranebennur. You then proceed on to Chitradurga and cross Davangere and you reach Ranebuennur, which is the business area of Haveri district. From Haveri which is about 335 kilometers from Bangalore, proceed on the Agadi road for about 15 kilometers; then take a detour after Guttal. Galaganatha is about another 15 kilometers away. The best time to visit this temple is during February.

Location :- Home >> Galaganatha >> Haveri >> Karnataka, India
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