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  Shirdi Sai Mandir(Temple) ::  
The Shirdi Sai Mandir in Hoskote is a temple sacred to Shirdi Sai Baba. It is situated in Hoskote, a town on the outskirts of City regularise.
Shirdi Sai Mandir ! Overview ::
shirdi-sai-mandir-hoskoteShirdi Sai Baba was a extraordinary sacred beguiler and saint who lived during the 19th century and inchoate portion of the 20th century. He was and allay is sublime by trillions of devotees irrespective of their establishment. The Sai temple at Shirdi is one of the most useful journey centers for group in Bharat.
Shirdi Sai Baba has devotees all over the domain. Not all of them can arise to Shirdi, so various Shirdi Sai Temples hit been constructed by devotees everywhere so that all his devotees can make out to him and move his blessings. One much temple was recently constructed at Hoskote town, in the out reaches of Bangalore.
Settled on NH 4, Hoskote is 36 km inaccurate from Bangalore port. Hoskote has galore famous temples - Avimukteshwara, Varadaraja and Vithoba temples. The Avimukteshwara Jatre held in April-May attracts thousands of people. Hoskote also attracts a lot of bird-watchers, for the dehydrated lake bed serves as a nesting ground for birds.
Shirdi Sai Mandir ! Structure ::
The Shirdi Sai Mandir in Hoskote was inaugurated on the 19th of February, 2009. Kumbabishekam and additional beginning ceremonies were performed. It has marble statues of Shirdi Sai Baba, and two of his Southbound Asian devotees, Sri Narasimha Swamiji and his disciple Sri Radha Krishna Swamiji.
The Sai Dhuni or the numinous destroy is comprise at the backrest of the tabernacle. There is also a monument of Noble(Lord) Ganesha here. All the pujas are conducted according to the Sai Sansthan rules. The temple has a kitchen for preparing prasadam. The entire temple has marble level. This is the exclusive Shirdi Sai Tabernacle in Hoskote.
Shirdi Sai Mandir ! Facts ::
It's the exclusive Sai Temple in Hoskote townsfolk,
The temple has lovely sculpture statues,
A colour mixture simulacrum of Sai Baba for Palki Utsav can be seen,
Sankata Hara Chathurthi celebrations are held here,
It's situated on Aristocrat Street, Hoskote,
The Sai Dhuni (sacrosanct provide) and Ganesha monument are settled at the rear of tabernacle,
The crowd is slow during Samuhika Sathya Narayana Vratham on Poornima (full lunation(Moon)) days,
It was inaugurated on the 19th of February, 2009,
Special bhajans are held on Thursdays and Sundays,
The Shirdi Sai Mandir is a wonderful tabernacle set in a halcyon attack. As it is in the suburbs, far removed from the tumult of the port, it is real serenity and peaceful. During tabernacle festivals here, there is comparatively less crowd, and so your jaunt will be more of a individual live.
How to Make ::
Hoskote is settled on the outskirts of Bangalore metropolis and the realm is surface linked finished bus routes.

Location :- Home >> Hoskote >> Banglore >> Karnataka, India
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