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  Channakeshava Mandir(Temple) ::  
Similar to all the otherwise South states, Karnataka too has plenitude of temples that hulk over their towns and bring devotees and tourists in thousands every year into their vast spaces where they can love and happening.
Channakeshava Temple ! Overview ::
The Channakeshava Tabernacle in Anekal, Karnataka in the City Urbanised regularize is a magnificent admonition of the Vijayanagar call of temple structure. The fact that the quantity 'Anekal' is a Dravidian morpheme signification elephant (ane) and stuff (kal), signifies the nearness of the tabernacle to neighboring Dravidian Nadu. It is situated most 915 meters above sea dismantle, on an elephant shaped construction as the constitute indicates.
Channakeshava Tabernacle ! Record ::
Though the vernacular suggests any ancient account and excavations get brought up old bricks (significative of a township that moldiness hold flourished at the parcel), there are no distinct remains to prove that. The fill in the realm now are descendants of Chikka Thamma Gowda, belonging to the Sugatur house who appointed there in 1603. After the Metropolis royal home annexed it to their domain before Hyder Ali supplementary it to the Mysore regularise. It is currently managed by the Muzrai department of the Province(Karnataka) governance(government).
Channakeshava Mandir(Temple) ! Structure :::
The structure of the Channakeshava temple in Anekal is distinctly of the Vijayanagar tool. It is a magnificent structure that faces that easternmost, with the Mahadwara coating the southwest. Carvings of Lord Vishnu, accompanied by his two consorts embellish the niches in the outermost walls.
There are foursome pillars in the navaranga which are ornately decorated with stories from the Bhagavada, the Ramayana, the Dasavatara etc from various puranas and ithihasas, portrayal the stories of Vishwaroopa, Gajendramoksha, Yoga Narasimha, Varaha Matsya, Kalinganardana, Garuda, Hanuman, Kamadhenu, Kurma, Balarama, Vamana, Trivikrama and separate avatars of Vishnu, and Vali and Sugriva in a fisticuffs.
The khumbas and kalasas of the outsides of the arthamandapa are through in soaring rilievo and are rouged in shining colors.
Channakeshava Temple ! Religious Significance :::
Though there's real little anthropology grounds, the temple is believed to be a really ancient and influential plaything. The ash mounds that erst stood as a instrument to whatever ancient thriving deciding were all apparently distant by the locals and misused as fertilizers. It is quite rational to terminate that the temple artefact has stood the trial of minute for solon a few centuries. Along with the Kambada Ganesha Tabernacle and the Bhramarambika Tabernacle located in the neighborhood, the Channakeshava Tabernacle acts as a key place for devotees and believers.
Channakeshava Temple ! Mythology :::
According to the Archaeological Order of City, experts anticipate that the creation divinity might hump been votive by Arjuna, the Pandava sovereign.
Channakeshava Temple ! Facts :::
Divided from the ash mounds, bricks were also picked from the position by the topical inhabitants, making it harder to avow the temple's historical evaluate,

The temple has two spacious tanks, quite twin to the different Vijayanagar temples of its era,

  The Anekal Channakeshava tabernacle is definitely designer a meet if you are in Bangalore, as it is so nestled to the port, yet placed in pristine countryside enclosed by elemental scenic example,  
  The stemma(family) that has been maintaining the temple for generations is in the deliver of renovating the tabernacle premises and restoring it to its other honor,  
How To Make Channakeshava Mandir(Temple) ::
The Channakeshava Tabernacle in Anekal is in the City Urbanised dominion and is accessible from Bangalore city by car in near an distance. There are opposite picnic spots and places of wonder around Anekal, including littler waterfalls that urinate it designer the move of almost 40 kms.

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