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  Sri Shanimahathma Temple ::  
Sri Shanimahathma temple is located a few kilometers forth from Bangalore metropolis neighboring Nelamangala townspeople. It is a tabernacle dedicated to Lord Shanishwara, one of the planets in Hindustani Astrology.
Sri Shanimahathma Temple ! Overview ::
Shani or Shanishwara is one of the digit planets in Hindu pseudoscience. Shanishwara is an embodiment of Saturn. He is the son of Suryadeva and his back wife Chaya Devi. He is one of the most feared and revered astrological deities.
Sri Shanimahathma Temple ! Religious Significance ::
He is a exacting Deva who metes out the penalisation he has been ordained to use with intensiveness. Yet, He also blesses with sharing. Shanishwara's harmful work on one's dominion represent is one of the most feared beliefs in India. People crowd to temples to love Shanishwara, in arrangement to change the ill personalty of his persuade. There are many temples for Shanishwara, one of the most famous existence the temple at Thirunallar in Tamilnadu.
Sri Shanimahathma Temple ! Facts ::
Metropolis has a few Shanishwara temples too. The Sri Shanimahathma Tabernacle at Chikka Madure is considered to be one of the oldest. This temple is placed on the phytologist of Madhure Kere, a big lake. This temple is constructed in the Southland Asian call, with a Gopura.
The period festivals in which an god of Shanishwara is appropriated out on a procession on a chariot force a lot of devotees. Grouping descend to this tabernacle to pray to Nobleman(Lord) Shanimahayhma and to substance Ellu Batti- negroid benne seeds tied up in a part of artifact and soaked in gingelly oil. This offering is believed to gratify Noble(Lord) Shanishwara.
How to Get To Sri Shanimahathma Temple ::
If you programme to travelling by bus, use a Bangalore Railway bus to Nelamangala. From Nelamangala, you should comprehend other bus to see you to Madhure, on Doddabellapore roadworthy. If you are thought to use a car, require the Metropolis - Pune highway strongbox you arrive Nelamangala. From Nelamangala require the route to Doddabellapore.

Location :- Home >> Madhure >> Bangalore >> Karnataka, India
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