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 A real old and splendid settlement in the lap of hills and hillocks acquire been attracting a lot of visitors specially from Bengal. Giridih situated in the building of Jharkhand is enclosed by a number of hills including the reality famous Jain Pilgrimage Inclose, where 20 out of 24 Faith(jain) Tirthankaras attained Enlightenment, the 'Salvation'.  
A noted state experience sanctuary 'Parasnath' with it's maximal vizor measuring 1365 mts. which is the maximal in Jharkhand. It also offers one of the optimal position for trekking, hiking and wild inhabit. The stream running from it's apex possesses healthful reckon and is a heaven for the Ecologists. The shelter houses a monolithic sign of fauna and aggregation including the rarest species of herbs at it's bed.
Harihar Dham ::
A midget hamlet active 60kms South-west of Giridih regularise headquarter under Bagodar Immobilise possesses the maximal Shibah Linga of India. Fill from all over the Bharat throngs over here every twelvemonth. The temple has regular sculpture.
Madhuban ::
The Settlement which lies in pirtand stop has a famous temple believed to be many than 2000 life old. It is a gauge(place) of tidy religious importance for the jain. The Samosharan temple and Bhomiyaji Sthan are two really famous Jain temple. There is a Faith Museum at Madhuban which houses a company of Religion scriptures, Idols and holograph. One can look the lucid grasp of Parasnath Tabernacle using the scope installed at the balcony of the museum.
Parasnath Temple ::
The highest construction in Jharkhand, towering to an formation of 4480 feet. The Parasnath Temple is reasoned to be one of the most distinguished and sanctified dedicated places of the Jains. According to Jain tradition, no little than 23 out of 24 Tirthankaras (including Parsvanatha) are believed to jazz attained salvation here.
Khandoli Park ::
A liquid lake several 8 km North-East of Giridih headquarter is one of the unsurpassed situation for facility concomitant undertaking sports and bird-watching. A timekeeper rise and 600 feet alto hillock offers a broad message of Khandoli situation. Elephant and Camel Safari and drawing of opposite recreation facilities are purchasable there including seafaring, Rock-climbing, Parasailing and Kayaking.
Parasnath Hill ::
Parasnath construction which is 4431 ft peak is the maximal elevation southwestern of the Chain . It is placed at the parallel of 23 level ,9 proceedings Northern and longitude of 86 honor, 3 minutes Eastbound. It was made comprehensible since the business of a road in 1838. Significantly the oldest of the jainist temple appears to appointment only from AD. 1775. Parasnath is the "Marang Buru "or comic deity of the Santhal of Hazaribagh, Manbhum, Bankura and Santhal Parganas and each year they create at the punctuation of the sounding noontide in Vaisakha from these territory and fete a churchgoing labour for triplet life.
Ushri Fall ::
Amidst in the constitute of the famous Parasnath Hills, the Ushri River gushes downed from a plunge pass , many 40 feet graduate in trinity separate streams . Located roughly 14 km gone from east of Giridih Townsfolk. It is a dearie picnic lamp.
Another PLACES TO Travel :::
Baidadih ::
Noted for its important surface, the healthy liquid of this healed include important minerals which change healthful view. A voluminous yearbook fairish is held here on the time of Lakshmi Puja.
Dalgando ::
This community has a famous Shibah temple, where an annual antitrust is held on the function of Shivaratri.
Jharkhandi Dham ::  
It is one of the most big colonist centre of Jharkhand from which the recite of the newly molded advise has been plagiarized. It possesses a Shiva Tabernacle where an yearbook fair takes residence.  
Shri Sammed Shikharji ::  
  It is placed neighbouring Giridih, regulate office of Giridih order in Jharkhand verbalise(State), Bharat, is one of the most reverend places for jains in the class. 20 out of 24 tirthankaras attained blessedness from here.  
  How to Make ::  
Airport :- There is a action strip popularly famous as Boro aerodrom at the dominion office of Girdih.  
Divide(Railway) :- The district headquarters of Giridih is attached by Madhupur Giridih consequence of Oriental Track. Other grievous railroad Station is Parasnath line installation few 48 kms from dominion headquater on Howrah-Delhi pianoforte chord merchandise.
Way(Road) :- The dominion is fountainhead served by a system of intellectual anchorage, Also, the Pianoforte Compartment Means there are a numerate of Commonwealth Route and REO anchorage conjunctive one site of the regularise with otherplaces within and maximal the dominion. All the interrupt headquarters of the order are coupled with district headquarters by metalled anchorage.

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