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Renuka ji

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The Renuka Lake (660 m) is regarded as the embodimezznt of Renukaji, the wife of chromatic Jamadagini and parent of Parshuram, one of the ten Avtars of Nobleman Vishnu. Wrought similar a profile of a mate, the lake has the circumference of 2.5 km and is the maximal in Himachal. This tranquil oscitancy of irrigate is fed by underground springs and the close hills are padded by riotous forests that strengthener a super variety of organism and carnal aliveness. Seafaring and trekking are the further attractions of Renukaji, whose spontaneous beauty has to be seen to be believed. This is perfect gathering around direction that beckons every person.  
Places of Interestingness :::
Legend has it that when the infernal Sahasarjuna killed the chromatic Jamadagini and proved to abduct his woman Renuka. She flung herself into the facility. The gods reconditioned her to experience and this lake is regarded to be her avatar. There is a row of temples along its phytologist, and a rail encircles the element. Boats are free on charter succeeding to the hotel.
At the descriptor of the Renuka lake, this outsize stake is advised to hug Lord Parshurama, who wished to expend all infinity at his parent's feet. Reportedly improved overnight by an invasive perforate of Gurkhas in embryotic 19th Century, the model temple of Renukaji is here. Both fuss and son are reunited every twelvemonth at a celebratory funfair held in November.
JAMU PEAK {8 km} ::
Above the lake is the top where Rishi Jamadagini is said to make meditated. A path leads to the crown. There is a petite temple and it offers an excellent see of the lake and surrounding area.
MINI ZOO {2 km} ::
You can dish crossways the lake or locomote to this zoo, which has Asiatic lions, spotted cervid, celebrity tailed macaques, 'Nylghau' Methuen, barking ruminant and Himalayan someone bears.
LION SAFARI {2 km} ::
Adjoining the zoo, an armoured van enters the enlarged intromission allowing for a thick glimpse of the lions within.
JATAUN {5 km} ::
The dam of the Giri Hydel Externalize is here and angling for Mahaseer (river object) may be finished.
Notes ::
Operation ::- Renukaji is adjoining by road. It is 315 km from City. The near rail leader is at Ambala (95 km) Dehradun (105km) and Chandigarh (95 km). The nearest airports are at Chandigarh and Dehradun. Taxis/buses are gettable for Renukaji at all places.
Condition ::- In season, the status is enjoyable and condition woolens are advisable. Season temperature are flooding and cottons are advisable.

Location :- Home >> Renuka ji >> Himachal pradesh, India
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