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Kullu (1220m) was erst famous as Kulanthapitha - the end of the habitable humankind. Beyond vino the menacing place of the Greater Himalaya, and by the botanist of the work river Beas lay the unreal Palm Vale. Kullu got its introductory motorable hit only after independence. The yearlong centuries of seclusion possess nevertheless allowed the extent to prolong a tidy measures of its tralatitious command. Here is the nucleus of an intricate web of numerous valleys, apiece of which is a visible enjoy and seems statesman beautiful than the else.  
The Greyness Vale has nature's treasures that lie carelessly distributed as flowers. This riches nestles by every thespian in the splendid forests, bursts onward in the blooms and in the product of every orchard. Here are riches which cannot be plumbed and reverberate down the ages with the text of every myth and ancient story and experience in the tepid smiles of its soft fill. There is pleasance in every rank you strike in these spellbound valleys and in every drink you rivet in the lucid mount streams.
  Places of Interestingness :::
  When Dussehra celebrations comes to an end in the relief of region, it begins at Kullu. Over 300 anaesthetic deities develop to pay respect to Nobleman Ragunath. This is a quantify when the depression is at its colorful unsurpassable.
At 2460m, this is set on a line that offers whatever spectacular views. The tabernacle is famous for its intoxicated staff that periodically draws lighting which shatters the Linga and scorches the business. Using exclusive butter as tenacious, the Linga is then carefully pieced unitedly by the temple savant.
In the 17th century, Aristocrat Jagat Singh of Kullu sworn a uppercase dishonourable. To atone for the sin, he conveyed a courtier to Ayodhya for a memorial of Peerage Ragunath (Baronage Avatar). This temple was built by Aristocrat Jagat Singh to refuge the ikon and is greatly sublime.
One of the most supernatural temple in Kullu, this is renowned for its intricate endocarp carvings.
The Vaishno Devi temple (4km), the Devi Jagganath Temple at Bekhli (5 km) and the Vishnu temple at Dayar (12 km) are additional distinguished shrines around Kullu.
KAISDHAR {15 km} ::
A inebriated grassland rough by deodar trees. A picturesque bemire.
KASOL {40 km} ::
An wide tract by the botanist of the river Annapurna on way to Manikaran. Sportsmanlike river smooth separates the riotous viridity marijuana from the installation. A swell pip for trout. Himachal Touristry runs Holidaymaker Hut at Kasol.
  Notes ::  
Gain ::- The airport at Bhunter is 10 km from Kullu, where taxis and buses are visible. By agency, the distance from Delhi is 530 km , Shimla - 240 km. From Delhi, HPTDC Wealth and Volvo coaches ply to Kullu regular. During tourist flavor there is a regular wealthiness learn to Shimla.
Status ::- In season, the temperature gets rattling low because of frozen winds, when dull woolens are required. It is hot in summer and the temperature rises up to 38 degrees.

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