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  The regularise headquarter is situated in Yamunanagar.
Yamunanagar was shaped as a new district of Haryana on 16 October, 1989. Originally to that it was relation of Ambala district. The river Yamuna forms its asian boundary with the land of Uttar Pradesh.
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Adi Badri, the secernment of beingness one of the cardinal ethnic hubs choson to be matured under the 'Betterment of Saraswati Ascribe with a orientation to protect and designate the ethnical heritage of the country.
The position of Adi Badri, tehsil Bilaspur, Distt. Yamunanagar (Lat 30 27', Longer. 77 27'E) is situated 20 kms Direction of Bilaspur and 2 Kms from the nearest settlement, Kathgarh. The computer can be approached by a pucca macadamized traveling that turns northwards, at a indifference of 5 kms from Ranjeetpur which is situated on Bilaspur-Ponta Sahib or Bilaspur-Nahan join agency.
Culturally traditionally and spiritually the position of Adi Badri is the most lofty space state the 'Udgam Sthal of river Saraswati' i.e the estimate where the tincture is plain of the descends from Shivalik hills to the plains of Haryana of river Saraswati. Thusly creating a parlance with Haridwar where Ganga descends to plains from Range.
Padma Puran (Ch. 133) mentions Adi Badri to be Saraswattirth. It appears this sanctity and religious grandness to Adi Badri has also been appointed on informing of its being located in the blending of river Somb and Saraswati thusly forming the Saraswati-Somb Prayag, which is wise to be reverenced tirtha for Tirtha-snana, Pind-Dan and different ritualistic activities (Mahabharatum 83,151;84,66). On this base there existed a timber sacred to Ambica noted as Ambicavan. (Bhagvat Puran, X, 34.1-18). Presently this parcel accords a picturesque service, copious with naturally beauty and quietude, with the Adi Badri Narayana, Sri Kedarnath and Mantra Devi temples along with few devout sculptures and architectural members confirming the continuance of Shakta, Shaiva and Hindu traditions of the place to which our recent anthropology excavations make further the Buddhist dimension as advantageously, by, unearthing a 'shririka stupa' and a highly matured Faith monastery.

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