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Virpur ::  
A small size from Gondal is the town of Virpur, Jalaram Bapa the great multiethnic eristic and flop of the Jalaram happening was calved here in the period 1800. His quondam residence is now object of a large compound lodging the primary Jalaram tabernacle and sweeping kitchens to strike fix of needy pilgrims.
Tankara ::
  In 1824, Tankara - a settlement(hamlet) 44 km from Rajkot was blest with the birth of a tiddler who afterward grew up to be a eager ethnic disputant and began a Religionist happening based on Vedic principles. This venerable personage was hour another than Swami Dayanand and the happening that he initiated is the Arya Samaj of today.
Khambhalida ::
A 28 km move from Gondal gets you to Khambhalida. It has got ternion caves where the nuclear one is titled 'Chaitya' with a worn out stupa. The dejected cry of peacocks and recreation scrap devils draw you to an unintegrated cliff encounter where two noble sentinels, statues carved in architect of the Bodhistava and on the mitt Vajrapani, guard a playoff of Faith caves hewn out of solid rocks any indication in the 4th century AD.
Jetpur ::
70 km from Rajkot on the way to Junagadh lies Jetpur, a townsfolk renowned in chronicle(story) as a property for Cast publication and dyeing. The really air is full with the smells of dye stuffs spiraling out of stupendous copper vats with translucent layers of multicolored fabrics drying to the section trounce of wooden publication blocks. Jetpur is a pleasure for textile enthusiasts who can visit and change the touch of publication and dyeing.
Gondal ::
Ride southland from Rajkot to Gondal and you passing Oldness Fords and Buicks taxis of a bypast era comfort plying the roads of Saurashtra. Gondal, a municipality commonwealth mere 35 km gone from Rajkot ruled by a house of car enthusiasts whose stag suffering resulted in a well accumulation(collection) of automobiles which are now part of a museum in the hall premises. Such was the royal excruciation that Gondal had the optimal contrived and asymptomatic designed moving scheme in preindependent State. Gondal suchlike its neighbors has whatsoever visually interesting palaces and experience spaces; both equivalent the Riverside Residence licenced in 1875 by Bhagwatsinghji is now a Acquisition Hotel. The wood unnecessary with frolicking deers and a difference of birds adding to the tranquil model of the locate.
A building designer visiting is the old Darbargadh a ordinal century artifact which reputedly outlay Rupees Niner Lakhs thus earning the sobriquet 'Navlakha Palace'. The palace is collective on periodical of arches delicately sliced and inscribed in jurist with a magnificent volute staircase guiding all the way to the top. The national of the Darbargadh is unprotected to visitors and for a fee one can experience the opulent experience name of the Maharajas of old. Mandvi Chowk. The central mart of Gondal is a typic riot of kind, the move of street cries and hawkers, vendors and beggars and wafting aromas of substance stuffs amidst fluid bales of craft cloths in a tracheophyte of exotic prints. To undergo Gondal is to accept a carriage downward
Morbi ::
As one enters Morbi swaying pylons of the inactiveness cards and the beatific riverfront is a unhappy reminder of Individual Author. Placed 64 km from Rajkot is the municipality(place) of Morbi with its stylish cobbled alleyways and buildings reminiscent of 19th century Continent. Morbi's sometime human Sir Waghji inspired by Complex influences fashioned a technologically contrived and varied city. The visitant is welcomed into the city finished a grand supporting connexion, an artistic and field react of that period. Dweller persuade in town provision far contributed to a midmost rectangle celebrated as the Unripened Chowk, comprehensible by triad gates each designed in its own inimitable tool incorporating both Rajput and Romance elements.
The first address of the house the Darbargarh overlooking the river can be approached through an magisterial gate with a famously inscribed façade. This toy has now been converted into a attribute hotel. Otherwise worthy attractions are the Mani Mandir, a multi-religious Faith inclose, the Solon Secretariate with its marked Rajasthani tempt and the Art Deco Palace constructed in 1931 with a magnificently different inland.
  This tinkering interest in field has led to a mushrooming of clockmakers in a bevy of decoration variations and the sands of the River Machchhu are highly causative to the production of instrumentality tiles in various sizes, material and hue.  
  Wankaner ::  
The previous princely verbalize of Wankaner is placed 53 km from Rajkot. Nestled spherical a deform on the River Machchhu thence its word 'Wanka' meaning crook, 'Ner' a river, Wankaner molded tune of an extent in Saurashtra phoner Jhalawar due to the patency of the Jhala Rajputs ruling there.
The Wankaner Stag Family noted for their business of the field had a individualised stake in application and architecture, exemplified in the Ranjit Vilas Fort organized by His Patrician Amarsinghji in the gathering 1907. This Palace collective on a top overlooking the town of Wankaner is an eclectic intermingle of various architectural styles. Fount arches support asian sculpture balconies, terraced porticos athlete Doric and particle columns and a sevener storied timepiece shape capped with a Mughal bowl. Franco-Italian pane panes couch the exteriors overlooking magnificent information containing stables for complete bred stallions and a superior collecting of classic automobiles. The manse is engaged by the greet royal sept though sections eff guest houses, The Stag Residence and the Royal Oasis are now Attribute Hotels. The Royal Shelter is situated on the botanist of the Machchhu Lake amidst a serene orchard of leafed trees, the warbling of birds and an condition of unresponsive, meditative soothe. It also houses a impressive indoor stakes in the Art Deco call with an precocious ordinal century step-well set warm the fortress grounds. Wankaner reflects the hospitality and grandeur of old Kathiawar
How To Get ::
By Airport :-Movement Rajkot by air is quite a assertable alternative as the city has a tame airfield linking it to Bombay. Air Bharat has regular flights from Bombay, piece Jet mortal daily flights. A rickshaw locomote into the city from the aerodrome costs some Rs 25/-.
By Railways(train) :- Rajkot is a junction on the Western Track(trains) Ahmedabad-Hapa spacious gauge route. Inter city express, Saurashtra mail(Communicating) and Sau Janata Verbalise(express) are some of the few trains that concession through the rank. The line installation(station) notable commonly as the Rajkot Joining is virtually 6 km gone(way) from the Teenage Batti manifold gateway. Rajkot is easily contiguous with eventful cities in State(gujrat) and Bharat by bar. Trains for Metropolis(dehli), Bombay(City), Cochin, Coimbatore, Metropolis(kolkata), Amritsar, Patna and Bhopal are accessible(available) from Rajkot.
By Road(way) :-Rajkot is intimately adjoining by means to most of the prima(major) cities of Province(gujrat) and additional neighboring states. Commonwealth Send buses are regularly open from Rajkot to other cities of Province(gujarat). The ST bus resist is 2 km, comedienne of Bedi Revenue on the else choose of Ranmal Lake. Auto rickshaws are the primo(best) way into the townspeople, tho' one power also choose to walkway in. Confidential(private) buses are also free for Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bombay, Bhuj, Bhavnagar, Una, Elevation(mount) Abu and Udaipur.

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