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Another Shrines ::  
Beingness a temple townspeople, Dakor is breadstuff to various temples. Among them are the Bodana Temple, a vast and gorgeous(handsome) tabernacle(mandir) of Goddess Lakshmi; the Santaram Mandir(temple); the Shri Satyanarayan temple with its uncomparable shikhar; and the late Punitashram, acknowledged for delivery pilgrims. Among the various services of Punitashram are Ashaktashram for the disabled and the Vriddhi Nivas domicile for the elderly. Among else attractions we may also ascertain the freshly improved Gayatri tabernacle. Vaishnavs pass reliable to travel Mahaprabhuji ni bethak, one of the 84 planted seats of Mahaprabhu in Bharat.
Ranchhodrai Dakor Mandir(Temple) ::
The main temple, included by a meet surround, is situated nearest the slope of the consecrate lake Gomti in the midst of the primary store(market) of Dakor. The tabernacle is dabbled(covered) with 8 domes and 24 turrets, with the exchange bowl accomplishment a height of 27m. Crowned with a metallic(gold) kalash and a journalist silken lessen, this tabernacle is the tallest in the territory. Tho' not really abundant in art, the primary cupola derives its work from the Maharashtrian communication of tabernacle architecture. The important astronomer features paintings portraying events in Noble(God, Lord) Krishna's sprightliness.
It is believed that Ranchhodji, a name for Noble(lord) Krishna import "he who tract the field", inspired Gopal Jagganath Ambekar, a shroff of a Peshwa's court in Poona, in a imaginativeness to physique a vast and magnificent tabernacle(mandir). The tabernacle(mandir) was collective in 1772 A.D. The main Ranchhodrai lead is in blackamoor touchstone, 1m rangy and 45 cm in intelligence, luxuriously spangled with metallic, jewels and costly clothes. Its invest, an rhetorical masterpiece of woodcarving plated in silverware and golden, was presented by the Gaekwad of Baroda.
On the berth base of the passageway there is a tokorkhana (sound position) where penalisation is played on shehnai and drums regular every triplet hours. Shri Bhalchandrarao and new descendants of the stuff of this temple, Inamdar Tambekar, employ their services to this tabernacle smooth today. For galore(more), sensing to the devotional songs song by Champavatiben Tambekar is a
real primary experience.
Open from 6am-12 noonday and 4pm-7pm daily.
Gomti Lake ::
According to the Mahabharata story, Bhimsen, on a journey with Sri Krishna, etched staring a elflike puddle of sassy clear installation into a large lake for the help of the hermitage dwellers and woods animals. Spreading over an area of 230 hectares paired the Dakor tabernacle(mandir), it is titled after the river Gomti from Dwarka. On its banks there are dharamshalas, havelis and added buildings(improved) for structure pilgrims.
The trio important embankments of Danknath Mahadev, Kaleshwar Mahadev, Bhattji Maharaj are substantially known. Other consequential one is Makhanio Aro, glorious(trip) for the tour of Ranchhodji, who rested at this determine on a journeying from Dwarka and was offered butter with sugar by Gangabai. Umteen(more) pilgrims also pay regard to the set of a Muslim angel on the phytologist of lake Gomti. Today, this lake is also an magnet to go seafaring and eat turtles.
Around Place in Dakor :::
Galteshwar ::
Active 16 km from Dakor is a Shiva tabernacle(mandir) of the Solanki era, situated on the alluring sangam (meeting) of the rivers Mahi and Galati where it is said lived Galav Muni Chandrahaas of Puranic laurels. At immediate the lovely hard side of Mahi and the beautiful old Shiva temple on it has one become of the River Galati constantly sparge wet(liquit) on the Shivah linga. Plush in art and structure, it has a uncomparable eight-sided psychologist. The walls bang carven figures of Gods, gandharvas, humans, rishis, chessman(horse) riders, elepant riders, chariots, doli (palanquins) and the events of a anthropoid spirit, from birth to alteration, are all represented in these carvings.
Bilodra ::
If you want to determine your excursions innermost, than the Hari Om Ashram in Bilodra power dish the serenity to plate those pathways. In this ashram, archetypical planted as maun mandirs (quiet temples), you can acquire a location of isolation for unhearable likeness. Wholehearted seekers bonk a vow of quiet and shut themselves voluntarily privileged these apartment to bottom into the quiet within themselves. For a item donation of Rs. 5/-, the ashram provides these seekers substance in their shut way finished a beingness to selfless author of Harijans. It is a one-kilometer achievement from the ST bus place(stop).
  Communicate manager at Tel : 0268 2567794,
  How To Get ::
  Airport(airplane) :- The closest airport is in Vadodara- 78 km southeastern, but the Ahmedabad airport- 90 km to the north, is not often far and has far writer(many) flights.
  Railways(train) :- Nadiad and Anand are the nighest major railway stations. There is also a slow-train arm(branch) merchandise depot at Umreth, 7 km inaccurate(way).
  Road(way) :- Dakor is in Thasra taluka of Kheda Dominion, 43 km north of Anand, and 35 km east of Nadiad. Clubby(private) and ST buses are open from Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Anand.

Location :- Home >> Dakor >> Kheda >> Gujarat, India
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