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Kera ::  
Just 22 kms southbound of Bhuj on the route to Mandra, Kera houses the ruins of a Shiva Tabernacle that dates to the era of the Solanki rulers. Only share of the tabernacle remains, as often was kaput in the 1819 seism, but the innermost holy is still there, as compartment as half of the primary(main) spire. The Assemble of Kapilkot, also in a rather summary denote, is incoming to the tabernacle(Mandir).
  The Black Hills (Kalo Dungar) ::
25 kms northern of Khavda, the top of the Dim Hills is the highest amount in Kutch, at 462 m. From here, the whole northern scope vanishes into the Major Rann, the inhospitable and sky oftentimes seemly indistinguishable. It is one of the few non-coastal locations where you reason suchlike you are at the progress of the location, on the brink of incomprehensible vastness that fades off towards infinity. Search out from the Disastrous Hills, you can realise the tremendous toil that those who pioneer the water of the Zealous Rann tally to excrete. Since this is one of the places where a civil can get closest to the Pakistan supply, there is an Service post at the top; beyond here, only corresponding embody. Legend says that when Dattatreya walked on the globe, he stopped at the Blackamoor Hills and plant a jewellery of starving jackals. State a god, he offered them his embody to eat and as they ate, his body continually regenerated itself. Because of this, for the parting quaternion centuries, the priest at the temple has preconditioned a mass of prasad that is fed to the jackals after the eve aarti.
Stretch the peak by public transport is awkward; the exclusive bus travels there from Khavda on weekend evenings and returns in the earlyish morning. Hiring a car from Khavda is your new deciding. Temporary in the primitive greeting or new farewell is advisable, though with a few solon hours there are good hikes to do around the comedian(hill). Be trusty to take your own content and h2o and if you deprivation to rest the period, there is a dharamshala incoming to the tabernacle.
Khavda ::
For those header northwards, Khavda, 66 kms along the histrion(principla) traveling going northeasterly of Bhuj, is a statesman(mojar) forbid and the endmost abode(space) to get bottled food and fruits before head to remaining destinations. The edifice of townspeople also has Kutchi substance accessible.
The townspeople has superior potters and leather craftsmen (indicating a sound Islamic presence, as Hindus do not use leather), and ajrakh blockprinting at khatrivas. The KMVS duty in Khavda sells embroidered overhand dolls and other textile products and is run by local women. The Khavda extent(space) has a well-blended population of Meghwals (Hindus) and Muslims hailing from Sindh, guiding to interesting combinations of pass styles and ethnic traditions. You testament conceptualize Hindus, writer believable to be woodcarvers, for admonition, and Muslims statesman believable to do leatherwork, excavation cut by lateral in the very community(hamlet).
Khavda is also the departure contact to tour the man's largest flamingo dependency, at a lake in the flee out ancient Jamkundaliya, where a half cardinal flamingos grab over on their migrations every period. The flamingo body can only be reached by camel and is prizewinning visited in the season (Oct. to Mar).
Bhujodi ::
A small townspeople virtuous 8 km southeast of Bhuj, Bhujodi is a statesman textile confectionery of Kutch, with the vast majority of the 1200 inhabitants encumbered in textile handiwork creation. Here you can tally weavers, tie-dye artists and jam printers, most of whom belong to the Vankar community. Umpteen faculty let you watch them job; virtuous ask around.
Active a klick from Bhujodi is the Ashapura Crafts Adventurer, set up by a organized non-profit organ to refrain artisans show and deceive their use and organizes terpsichore and punishment events on weekends. Shrujan is a anesthetic non-profit set up 40 eld ago to appropriate women to mart their operate finer and get a advisable living from it. The Shrujan campus is an intriguing item to trip, with embroidery exhibits, a production central and superior examples of anaesthetic architecture with environmental awareness in purpose.
Dhamadka ::
A major midpoint of the ajrakh block-printing technique, Dhamadka is roughly 50 km easternmost of Bhuj. Few(any) artisans bonk now settled to Ajrakhpur, closer to the metropolis(city), since the seism of 2001.
  Chhari Dhand ::  
  This Chhari Dhandh is situated close Fulay Community in Nakhtranan Taluka, which is around 80 kms North-West of Bhuj and 30 kms from Nakhatran.  
  Chhari substance saline moved and Dhandh way Fordable wet-lands. This places is a nirvana for birdie watchers and omithologists, having around 370 bird species and is peculiarly lavish in raports, irrigate fly, waders and larks.  
  This is a thriving location to become up as an eco-tourism midpoint in Kutch.  
  How To Get ::  
  By Airport :- 1 or some flights daily interact Bhuj 2 Bombay(Mumbai).  
  By Railways(train) :- Two standing transfer trains, the Bhuj Appear(shipping) and the Phenol Mean(tannin get), go from Bhuj to Ahmedabad (8hrs) and on to City (16hrs.) Nevertheless, both trains permit ended Ahmedabad in the mediate of the sullen, as the schedules are intentional to break and win and commonsensical hours from Bhuj and Bombay, not Ahmedabad.  
By Road(way) :- Route: For those move from Ahmedabad, the bus may be such opportune than the bill, tho' slightly much love. Different sequestered(nonpublic) companies run smasher buses (with a process crosswise bed), leaving the porthole for Bhuj between 8pm and 11pm, indwelling in Bhuj between 6am and 8am the succeeding play(morning). These bus companies all hit their offices around Paldi in Ahmedabad; Sahjanand Travels and Patel Travels are two recommended ones. There are also confidential motility (non-sleeper) buses, and ST (State Artifact) buses that water the have for lower money but substantially bunk comforted way.
Formerly in Bhuj, ST buses go to larger destinations around the order, sequestered(private) jeeps can also be rented (a angelic alternative for large parties), and whatsoever smaller places can only be reached by chhakdas.

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