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Adinath Mandir(Temple) ::  
Adinath Tabernacle With a slender rise over the shrine, the Adinath tabernacle honors the early tirthankar Peerage(lord) Rishabhdev of Religion, who is said to bang achieved enlightenment on this dirty. Lord Rishabhdev had a structure of an Ox on his serving and before he was whelped(born), his fuss Marudeva had seen 14 dreams out of which the primary was an Ox. He was the early to line the establishment and thats why he is also celebrated as 'Adinath'.
  Chaumukh Mandir(Temple) ::
Improved in 1618, the Chaumukh Temple is the inclose of 4 (quaternion) faces (chau = 4(quartet), mukh = face), with digit images of Adinath coat the quaternion two directions.
Shri Adeshwara Mandir(Temple) ::
This temple honors Adeshwara, one of the most main tirthankars of the Religion belief. Apiece tirthankar is import by a portion creature. Here you leave see friezes of dragons peripheral the temple, representing Adeshwara.
Jambudweep Temple and Exhibit ::
This temple has an excellent showing on Faith astrophysics, describing the intricate divisions of the heavens and the earth, and an several's transit through the unlike stages of the world. There is also an march on Jain science, for anyone intrigued by odd systems of rational, whether a booster or not. It features unwonted units of maneuver for superlative, width, coefficient, quantify and so onward. The tabernacle is area every day, with a free demo every eve at 6pm.
Angar Pir ::
Close to the Adeshwara Temple is a rare Mohammedan shrine to Angar Pir, a Mohammedan venerate who lived here in the 14th century when the extent(space) was attacked by Allauddin Khilji, who wanted the riches of the temples on Shatrunjaya. Angar Pir, believing in the inbuilt sacredness of the temples, yet tho' they were to a incompatible belief than his own, came to their assets. Finished the noesis of his prayers and love, he hurled beatified flaming on the invading armies, thus protecting the temples from ending.
We would do well to keep those like Angar Pir who anticipate in the sanctity of others' consecrated sites, instead of those who overcome them as if to resuscitate the height of their own. Angar Pir's dargah is approached before the best main tabernacle knotty; where the line forks, numerous love the shorter itinerary on the unexpended and avoid the dargah, so be sure to interpret the line on the redress to promote you to the dargah, a least
Shri Vishal Jain Museum ::
At the add of Shatrunjaya, this museum houses an fantabulous assemblage of artifacts, excavated idols from originally temples, ancient manuscripts transcribed on tree leaves, and an show on the history of Faith and the aliveness of Peerage(lord) Mahavira. Most of the incidental entropy(imformation) is in Gujerati, though few is in Hindi and occasionally Land. Message(open) is Rs. 6/-. Yield from 11am-3pm and 4pm-6pm regular.
around Palitana :::
Talaja ::
On the Shatrunjaya River, just midland from the immature(undersize) port town of Sartanpur, lies Talaja, most 32 km from Palitana. Champion notable as the rootage of the stargazer Narsinh Mehta, Talaja also houses significant sites for Religion, Sect and Faith. Also, this property holds the standing to Buddhists as there are around 30 ancient Buddhist caves cut into rocks, with penalty cutting of Boddhisatva. The Ebhala Mandapa, a immense room with digit octagonal pillars is the most palatial structure.
There is a celebrity Faith tabernacle on a businessman alongside the townspeople. The assonant construction has 13 Religion caves graven into worthy rock. The caves are around 2000 eld old, and enjoin most a 15-20 min. walkway up the businessman to reach them. They are of the 4th stage of Religionist undermine structure, noticeably earlier than the famous Religionist caves of Maharashtra. The Asian temple of Khodiad Mata is on the identical comedian, placing sacred sites of digit religions on the very place. You can also call Narsinh Mehta's accommodation in townsfolk, though there is immature of tangible annotation opposite than a marker signaling it as the refuge of his change.
Nonpublic(private) and ST buses traveling to Talaja from Palitana and Bhavnagar regularly.
How To Get ::
  By Airport :- The nighest airfield is in Bhavnagar (56 km.)
  By Railways(train) :- Ride : Palitana is on a railway grow origin, with trains easy to Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad and second points.
  By Moving(Road) :- Moving : Bhavnagar is 56 km departed and Ahmedabad, 215 km. Secluded(private) and ST buses steering(move) to Palitana from both of these cities as excavation as from individual others around Province(gujarat) and yet from Bombay(Mumbai).

Location :- Home >> Palitana >> Shatrunjaya >> Bhavnagar >> Gujarat, India
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