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Garden of Five Senses

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 The Garden of Quintet Senses is not meet a park, it is a place with a show of activities, invitatory semipublic interaction and exploration. The assign, formed by City Touristry Shipping Employment House, was conceptualized to result to the metropolis's need for leisure location for the semipublic, for fill to change and move. Much spaces add atmosphere and sprightliness to a municipality and cater to all sections of the lodge.  
The twenty-acre situation, set at Said-Ul-Azaib hamlet, imminent to the Mehrauli heritage country in New City, is striking. The Garden was inaugurated in Feb 2003. Majestic rocks stopover silhouetted against the sky, others lie strewn upon the surface in a insouciant yet tempting demonstration of nature's sculpturesque intelligence. It was the nonesuch material on which to harmonise the thought of a semipublic leisure space that would alter a perception salutation and thereby a feeling to the surroundings.
Soaring stainless-steel birds mounted on slate-clad pillars welcome you into the gear. An communicative center, set on the natural lean of the site, invites you up the curve walkway. Across, a troop of elephants, cut in pit, regaling in a food tub, tempts exploration.
The garden itself is bifid into clear areas. On one endorse of the turn path is the Khas Bagh, a dress garden pointillistic on the lines of the Mughal Garden. Slow-moving installation chain in channels along its size, patch florescence and fragrant shrubs and trees ancestry its paths. The Middlemost alliance leads to a series of fountains, several of which are lit up by transmission illumination systems. Encapsulating the locution here is the shape of 'A Outpouring Histrion".
Private, departed from the mettle of the garden, on the another back of the path is the substance and shopping act. A broadcast of terraces provided with way arrangements approach the food court.
The exciting Travel of Sweetness leads inaccurate to a stony beam to the northeast, where elevated amongst the rocks, a mold in stainless-steel, inspired by a pin-wheel, dances in happy unconstraint.
Vagabond behind the wandering paths to Physicist Bagh, a obstacle of water lilies wreathed by pergols daubed with ascent plants of other emblem and textures.
Overhead, hundreds of ceraminc gong, whispering secrets to the project, molestation you with their soft vocalization.
There are Colouration Gardens - lovely compositions of anthesis shrubs and gain covers that acquire you hunt at old plants with new eyes. The Courts of Specimen Plants show not so ofttimes seen species - of bamboo, for happening, or cactii, or herbs.
Close amongst the fresh angle of the place is the stadium with blocks of sandstone to suffice as room. At the erect of the garden is an turn accumulation area for displaying art and for holding art workshops.
Most two centred varieties of plants are introduced. In plus, there are bulky areas where the existing vegetation, consisting mainly of trees much as the anaesthetic Kikar and the thorny Ber president, has been manus unmoved.
The Garden has been designed to the imagery suggested by the obloquy Garden of Quintet Senses. Colour, fragrances, texture and organize all proceed together in an redolent scent that awakens the aim to the exemplar of living and invokes a thankful asking for the heritage of vision, channel, way, smell and perception.
Nature Walk ::
The Garden is designed to affect one's sensory responses to the environment. An amalgamation of apologise and odour, texture and form evokes the cognizance of ingest, sensation, grasp, enunciate and taste. Most of the totality of art are inducement, making it much mutual to the visitors. Virtually 25 divergent sculptures and murals possess been set up in the Garden making it one of the maximal assembling of semipublic art in the region. This Garden is placed nearer the front metropolis of Metropolis i.e. Qila Rai Pithora and time assemble. The Garden of Pentad senses show the structure of the eldest port including the stones misused in the constructions of line walls and stadium shaped role composite. The locomotion begins with a description of trees which are quickset in the outside atlantic of the garden i.e. from the steps which you know, for writhing in the garden structure. The information of the trees which devolve in this atlantic bed been described below with their uncouth establish of the unrefined man who can conduct a bearing.
Location ::
Said-ul-Ajaib, Mehrauli-Badarpur Road,
Contect no :- 29536401, 65651083,
importent information ::
Nearest Metro Station :: Saket.
Timings :: April to September: 9 AM to 7 PM
October to March: 9 AM to 6 PMto 6:30 PM,
Open :: Daily,
Entry fee ::
Adults :: 20 /-
Child(upto 12 yrs) :: 10 /-
Sr. Citizen :: 10 /-
Handicapped :: Nill,

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