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Akshardham Temple

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 Swaminarayan Akshardham in New Metropolis epitomizes 10,000 age of Amerindian culture in all its exciting grandeur, exemplar, goodness an d bliss. It brilliantly showcases the import of India's ancient structure, traditions and unaltered sacred messages. The Akshardham get is an informative travelling finished India's proud art, values and contributions for the motion, healthiness and order of mankind.  
The Swaminarayan Akshardham colonial was built in exclusive figure geezerhood through the blessings of HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj of the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) and the colossal devotional efforts of 11,000 artisans and thousands of BAPS volunteers. Heralded by the Guinness Class Platter as the World's Maximal Omnibus Hindu Temple, the thickening was inaugurated on 6 November, 2005.
What to Experience ::
Akshardham Temple::
A traditional mandir (tabernacle) devoted to Bhagwan Swaminarayan that reflects the exemplar and inwardness of India's ancient art, culture, and structure.
Nilkanth Varni Abhishek ::
A hallowed unworldly practice in which prayers are offered for grouping tranquillity and perennial pact for oneself, household, and friends with the element of 151 place rivers, lakes and ponds of India.
Lotus Garden ::
A lotus-shaped garden reverberant belongings as verbalised by philosophers, scientists, and body throughout record.
Musical Fountain - Circle of Life (Evenings at Sunset - 15 min.) ::
A impressive music formation evince that depicts the interval of modification, animation, and death as described in Amerindian belief.
Garden of India ::
Cardinal acres of lush lawns, gardens and intense color statues, honouring Bharat's human heroes, brave warriors, national patriots and outstanding women personalities who induce values and case.
Exhibitions ::
Author 1 - Room of Values (50 mins) ::
Get lasting fallible values finished films and robotic shows that render the ideals of nonviolence, righteousness, ancestry concord, and spirituality.
Adventurer 2 - Giant Strain Medium (40 mins) ::
Discover India through the improbable story of an eleven-year-old yogi named Nilkanth that brings to life the content and holding of India's tariff, the impressiveness of its art and structure, and the lingering sights, sounds, and superpower of its awe-inspiring festivals.
Astronomer 3 - Ethnical Dish Couple (15 mins) ::
Canvas through 10,000 years of India's historied attribute. Take most the discoveries and inventions of the rishi-scientists of India, see the world's archetypical university of Takshashila, voyage finished the caves of Ajanta-Ellora and discover Bharat's contributions to humankind through the ages.
Location ::
On NH 24, Akshardham Setu,
Contect no :- 22016688, 22026688
  importent information ::  
  Nearest Metro Station :: Akshardham.  
  Timings :: 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM,  
  Photography Charges :: Not allowed,  
  Open :: All days,  
  Mobiles & Electronics :: Not allowed (Cloakroom Available),  
Day Closed :: Mondays,
Exhibition Tickets :: 10 AM to 5PM,
Complex Entry :: Free | No Ticket,
Exhibition :: Fee | Ticket
Adults :: 170
Senior Citizen :: 125
Child (4-11 yrs) :: 100
Child (Below 4 yrs):: free,
Musical Fountain :: Fee | Ticket
Adults :: 30
Senior Citizen :: 30
Child (4-11 yrs) :: 20
Child (Below 4 yrs) :: Free

Location :- Home >> Akshardham Temple >> Dehli, India
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