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  Almost 1485 Rectangle miles of expanse sorrounded by Sarangarh Tell in Southwestern and Jaspur in northland along with Gangpur Suggest in orient was famed as Raigarh Refer in proterozoic days .Though some almost ancient chronicle is not acknowledged clearly, notwithstanding Many historical evidances shows that Raigarh had both individual with acquisition of kings of the GOND origin of Chanda dominion.  
It is belived that Madan Singh of Bairagarh Village of Chanda District came to Raigarh and ingrained his kingdome here.The equal Competitor of Raigarh Nation after Mahraja Madan Singh were Mahraja Takhat Singh, Mahraja Beth Singh, Mahraja Dilip Singh, Mahraja Jujhar Singh, Mahraja Devnath Singh, Mahraja Ghanashyam Singh, Mahraja Bhupdev Singh, Mahraja Natwar Singh and Mahraja Chakradhar Singh.Truely muttering euphony, dance and literature got an alpha localise in ruleing era of Mahraja Bhupdev Singh and mature in fullswing in the era of Mahraja Chakradhar Singh (1924-1947).Mahraja Chakradhar Singh who, himself was a zealous Musisian (TABLA) concentrated devotee persons from diffarent theatre same Penalization ,Literature, Diversion.
Tourist Attraction ::
Chakradhar Samaroh
Gomarda Reserve Forest
Ram Jharna
Lord Ram is believed to acquire drunk from this natural formation, roughly 18 km from Raigarh. Ram Jharna is a touristy holiday dice.

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