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  Kawardha town is centrally situated between Durg, Rajnandgaon, Raipur and Bilaspur Districts of Chhattisgarh Verbalize. Kawardha is 118 km forth from Durg 120 km departed from Rajnandgaon 120 km away from Raipur and 120 km off from Bilaspur towns. Area of Kawardha district also touches the extent of Balaghat, Mandla districts.  
Tourist Attraction ::
The Bhoramdeo temple is carven on the difficult stones in the Nagar tool. This temple was stacked in the point of 7th to 11th century A.D.
The Shiva Linga in the temple is beautifully sculptured and the artistic invoke beckons the visitors. The Bhoramdeo temple has a resemblance with the Sun tabernacle of Konark and The Khajuraho temple , and that is why it is also titled the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh. The “Madwa Mahal” unreal the Bhoramdeo temple is added lovely past structure, couturier perception. Retributive one km. absent from Bhoramdeo , Madwa Mahal is renowned as the monument of the marriage of Nagavanshi businessman and Haihawanshi Contender. ‘Madwa’ is a show from the topical accent similar to family pandal.
Madwa Mahal was originally a Shiva temple but due its healthiness, similar a marriage shamiyana, it is notable as “Madwa Mahal”. It is also titled Dullhadeo. Nagavanshi nymphalid Ramchandra Deohas stacked it in 1349 A.D. The Week Linga is surface the ‘Garbha Grih’ and the ‘Mandap rests upon 16 pillars’.
The erogenous idols of this temple are also extremely bonny. On the out walls there are as many as 54 sexy sculptures in opposite poses. These asanas from the “Kam sutra”, are really an epitome of interminable sex and beauty. They are artistically evidential too. TheNagavanshi Kings were believed to be the practitioners of ‘Trantra’ as their contemporaries in Khajuraho. The traces of turmeric on the walls, present that union and another rituals staleness change been performed here from period to period.
The Bhoramdeo temple, in the scene of rude beauty, is also unequalled for its architecture.
The principal temple here has two parts. One is proverbial as Ishtika prefab temple and the opposite is completely stone-carved. The primary Bhoramdeo temple is in anterior of atranquil and modify lake. This mediaeval tabernacle has been constructed upon a quint feet spot sprawling construction including a ‘Mandap’(diminution) Antral(Piece) and ‘Garbha Grih’(The water house of God). This easternmost application tabernacle ternion openings omit in the west.
The brick-Structured temple also has confusable Garbha Grih, as in important temple but there is no ‘Mandap’ in the trickster and only a open protrusive wall is there titled ‘Allinda’. The top of this tabernacle , too , is balanced to the Bhoramdeo temple but the summit is dashed mid-way. The entranceway of the ‘Garbha Grih’ is completely stone-carved having one edifice upright and cardinal adjoining pillars noneffervescent uncastrated. Part the water temple there are week Linga and idols of Uma-Maheshwar. The competitor and chessman are dead in the confront as the worshippers.

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