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  Bilaspur is located in the Chhattisgarh part in the Bilaspur Region, Bharat. It is the second-largest city in the country .The Lofty Yard of Chhattisgarh is set here. It is the office of Bilaspur Order and is placed 111 km (69 mi) northwestward of the verbalise great of Raipur. Likewise this it is also the office of the Southwestern Eastbound Central Track which comprises the Bilaspur, Nagpur and Raipur divisions.  
Record says Bilaspur got its personage from a fisherwoman by the analyze Bilasa in the 17th century, and for a lifelong period only of a few fishermen's huts were there.In reality Bilaspur was a portion of Kalchuri dynasty of Ratanpur. In 1908, weaving of tasar cloth and cotton clothes were filmed as discipline industries of Bilaspur. After The Indian entering in 1741 when a Indian attorney took up his address there and began to form a assemble which was never realised. Bilaspur port came into prominence in 1854. The metropolis was condemned over by the Nation Eastern Bharat Organisation of High Kingdom when the then measure of the region of the Indian land died heirless
Mallhar, Saravpur Temple ::
A late capital, this is around 14 km from Bilaspur. It has remains from 1,000 BC onwards. 10th and 11th century temples can be seen here. The Pataleswar Kedar Temple is one of them - the Gomukhi shivling is the water attraction here. The Didneswari Tabernacle, happiness to the Kalchuri program, is also designer impermanent. The Deor Tabernacle has artistic idols. There is a museum, managed by the Centric Authorities, which had a fortunate grouping of old grave.
Talagram Temple ::
Talagram, around 25 km from Bilaspur, is proverbial for its "Deorani-Jethani" temple. This has a immense 7 meter superior monument, that's 4 feet comfortable and weighs 8 slews.

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