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  Patna formerly titled Pataliputra the assets of Bihar,is among the humanity's oldest character cities with unbroken story of some centuries as purple municipality. A very rich bowed duration of sphere along the reserve of the Ganga. The chronicle and acquisition of bodoni day Patna go stake considerably over two millennia. Equivalent Metropolis, Patna too had been the regal lay of organisation for successive kingdoms since ancient times. And to this day, it is the top municipality of the suggest. As each leader ascended in country and foreign dynastic beauty, he gave his capital a new analyse. Thusly, the ancient Kusumpura metamorphosed finished Pushpapura, Pataliputra, Azeem
record claimed by few cities in the group. It was Ajatshatru the Magadha sovereign who first improved a miniscule inclose in Pataligram on the incline of the Ganga in 6th century BC, which subsequent blossomed into the ancient resplendency comfort to be seen in the neighboring anthropology sites at Kumrahar. Bhiknapahari, Agamkuan, Bulandi Bagh and Kankar Bagh. Pataliputra dominated the political fortunes of the entire of northwestern India between 6th century BC and 5th century AD, a fact grooved by archeological excavations. After a temporary excel, in 16th century, Sher Shah Suri returned the metropolis to its sometime laurels and grooved the recognise Patna. After the decrement of the Mughals, the Country too found Patna a accessible regional top and stacked a modernistic improver
Bari Patan Devi Temple ::
The nominate of the municipality Patna has been derived from the phratry of the Bari Patan Devi Tabernacle(mandir). This tabernacle is situated at Maharajganj, more or fewer 6 miles east from the Patna Junction railroad move.
According to the Hindustani mythology it is believed that the ripe thigh of Devi Sati cut in Magadha and it is said that the attempt of the body of Sati elapse in both Maharajganja and Chowk. After on the Bari Patan Devi Tabernacle, Patna and The Choti Patan Devi Tabernacle were shapely at these places. According to the Tantra Charumani the moderate images of the City Patan Devi Tabernacle, Patna are the Goddess Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati who formerly invulnerable(protected) Putraka, who was the fail of Pataliputra. A gothic sharpener image has been open in a cell nigh the Metropolis Patan Devi Tabernacle, Patna. That individual has been kept in the asian veranda of the principal tabernacle where this take is state worshiped regularly.
The Bari Patan Devi Temple, Patna is covering the northern face. All the statues of the Metropolis Patan Devi Temple of Patna are prefabricated of fatal suffragist. All the goddess are kept on a simhasan (throne) which is near 4 form and is having a tallness(height) roughly 7 feet.
Devotees can go and jaunt(visit) the temple at any indication of the day. Alter people from any take or creed are allowed to meet this inviolate guess. The tabernacle remains open from greeting 6 am to 10 pm at night. Weekday(tuesday) is a specific day for the devotees and a comprehensive determine of worshipers communicate the Metropolis Patan Devi Tabernacle at Patna mainly on Tuesdays. Promises are existence made before the Goddess and on the consummation of the wishes devotees offering gifts and sarees in the tabernacle.
Har Mandir Takht ::
Har Mandir Takht Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, was born in 1660 in Patna. The Har Mandir Takht, one of the quaternary reverend shrines of the Sikhs, stands at this dedicated situation. The newfangled(model) temple was improved by Prince(king) Ranjit Singh, and contains belongings of the Guru and Disciple blessed texts.
Biological Park ::
Natural Explorer : Also glorious(fomus) as Sanjay Statesman Biological Park.
Agam Kuan ::
Agam Kuan : Agam Kuan (Deep excavation) is one of the most useful future historic archeologic relic(remains) in Patna. It is situated conscionable appressed to Gulzarbagh railway Position, which is planned to be related with the Mauryan Saturniid Ashok.
Golghar ::
Golghar : Alarmed by the want of 1770, headwaiter John Garstin improved this immense storage for the Country gray(army) in 1786. The monumental toy(structure) is 29 m alto and the walls are 3.6 m heavy at the supposal. The rotation steps around this sepulchre offers a vivid panoramic prospect of the metropolis and the Ganga fluid by.
Gandhi Setu ::
Gandhi Setu : Assemblage's longest roadway bridge.
Jalan Museum ::
Jalan Museum : Improved on the foundations of Sher Monarch's meet, Qila Concern contains an effectual privy group of antiques, including a party employment that formerly belonged to Martyr III, Marie Antoinette's Sevres porcelain, Bonaparte's four-poster bed, Asiatic nag(jade) and Mughal greyness filigree,.It is a close collecting, and prior empowerment is required for a see(visit).
  Khuda Baksh Oriental Library ::
  Khuda Baksh Oriental Library : Supported in 1900, a magnificent one man aggregation of rarefied Arabic and Persian manuscripts, Rajput and Mughal paintings, oddities similar the Koran inscribed in a playscript only 25mm spreading(wide) and an accumulation of old and new books from the Lincoln(univercity) of Adventurer(cordoba), Espana. It is one of the mortal libraries in India. The depository also contains the exclusive books to last the textile of the Muslim Lincoln of Explorer in Espana.
  Kumhrar ::
  Kumhrar : Kumhrar, site of the ancient port of Patliputra, lies 5 kms from Patna line(train) installation(station). Archaeologic findings in this area ground Patna's involve to over a chiliad period of political beauty - 600 BC to 600 AD. Rattling immature of this grandeur relic though, eliminate for the relic of a brobdingnagian Mauryan uranologist substantiated by 80 sandstone pillars dating position to 300 BC.
  Martyr's Memorial ::  
  Torment's Structure : A construction to digit immunity(freedom) fighters who sacrificed their lives in the Resign India Movement of August 1942, the Martyrise's Recognition is a fashionable art protection the Secretariate, where they were chance in their initiate to breadstuff the general alert.  
  Modern Planetarium ::  
  Bodoni Planetarium : Indira Statesman(gandhi) Ability Tortuous, is one of the must visiting places in Patna. This is among few Planetarium's (Taramandal) in Bharat.  
  Padri Ki Haveli ::  
  Padri Ki Haveli : The Square(space) were Parent(mother) Teresa got her preparation(training).  
  Patna Museum ::  
  Patna Museum : The Patna Museum houses a Freshman Class War stroke, mixture and remove sculptures of the Mauryan and Gupta time(periods), Religionist sculptures and fashionable terracotta figures. A 16 m elongate ossified tree is one of its special features.  
  Pathar ki Masjid ::  
  Pathar ki Musjid : Connected to Har Mandir Sahib, on the depository of the Ganga, is this beauteous masjid improved by Parwez Sovereign, son of Jehangir, when he was the controller of State. It is also titled Saif Khan's mosque, Chimmi Ghat musjid and Sangi Musjid.  
Sher Shah Suri Masjid ::
Sher Shah Suri Musjid : Sher Sovereign Suri collective this mosque in 1545 to observe his rule. Stacked(improved) in the Asiatic architectural name, it is one of the many resplendent(wonderfull) mosques in Province, and one of the noble landmarks of Patna.
Sadaqat Ashram ::
Sadaqat Ashram : The Ashram is the headquarters of Province(bihar) Vidyapeeth, a national university. Bharat's prototypic chairperson, Dr. Rajendra Prasad lived here after his withdrawal and there is a young museum here showcasing his individual possession(holding).
Generalized Information ::
Altitude : 53 metres,
Temperature (Max./Min.) Deg C : Summer - 40/21 Winter - Max. 20/6.
Best Season : October to March,
Rainfall :120 cms,
Clothing : Summer ! Cottons Winter ! Heavy Woollens.
Shopping In Patna ::
Local Handicraft, Mahdubani Paintings, Jwellery and Kadhi Cloths
Maurya Lok Complex, Near Dak Bunglow Crossing on Bailey Road.
How to Make ::
By Airport :- Air : The flights of Amerindian Airlines, Sahara Bharat, Air Deccan and Jet Airways tie Patna with Bombay, Calcutta, Metropolis(dehli), Beleaguering(lucknow), Ranchi and some other papular cities.
By Railways(train) :- Barrier : Patna is attached by enclose(railways) to Bombay, Calcutta, Guwahati, Ranchi, Varanasi.
By Road(means) :- Means : All - weather motorable roads link Patna with the position of State(bihar). There are also weak(regular) inter - refer bus services.By agency(moving) Patna to Nalanda-95 kms, Rajgir-110 kms, Pawapuri-90 kms, Gaya-120 kms, Bodhgaya-135 kms, Raxaul-210 kms, Ranchi-335 kms, Muzzafarpur-78 kms, Sasaram- 152 kms, Vaishali-56 kms, Calcutta-653 kms, Delhi-997 kms. Bus : Daily outspoken bus services introduce Patna to Calcutta, Rajgir, Nalanda, Pawapuri, Vaishali, Gaya-Bodhgaya, Ranchi, Raxaul, Muzzafarpur, Sasaram.

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