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  Patna formerly titled Pataliputra the assets of Bihar,is among the humanity's oldest character cities with unbroken story of some centuries as purple municipality. A very rich bowed duration of sphere along the reserve of the Ganga. The chronicle and acquisition of bodoni day Patna go stake considerably over two millennia. Equivalent Metropolis, Patna too had been the regal lay of organisation for successive kingdoms since ancient times. And to this day, it is the top municipality of the suggest. As each leader ascended in country and foreign dynastic beauty, he gave his capital a new analyse. Thusly, the ancient Kusumpura metamorphosed finished Pushpapura, Pataliputra, Azeem
record claimed by few cities in the group. It was Ajatshatru the Magadha sovereign who first improved a miniscule inclose in Pataligram on the incline of the Ganga in 6th century BC, which subsequent blossomed into the ancient resplendency comfort to be seen in the neighboring anthropology sites at Kumrahar. Bhiknapahari, Agamkuan, Bulandi Bagh and Kankar Bagh. Pataliputra dominated the political fortunes of the entire of northwestern India between 6th century BC and 5th century AD, a fact grooved by archeological excavations. After a temporary excel, in 16th century, Sher Shah Suri returned the metropolis to its sometime laurels and grooved the recognise Patna. After the decrement of the Mughals, the Country too found Patna a accessible regional top and stacked a modernistic improver
Another Attractions :::
Arts and Crafts ::
Field and Crafts: Madhubani paintings are indigenous to the express(state). The renditions by agrarian(rural) women, these settlement(hamlet) paintings know a spacious market in the urbanised areas as recovered as on the import face. Created strictly by the women of Mithila. they are incised in pinion flag of born derivation on press and material. Their subjects are mythology and pious events.
Bodhgaya ::
Bodhgaya : 135 km.The situation of Buddha's attainment of enlightenment. One of the holiest position for Religionist devotees.
Chhath Festival ::
Chhath Festival : The festivities attendant the celebreation of freshly harvested paddy and its offerings made to the Sun God change to be seen to be believed. Joy and coloring book the Chhath festivities as thanks are offered to the nobleman(Lord) of Crops and the creator of the seasons. Devotional songs to the Sun God and fasting all day stretch hit the Chhath Festivity a day of thanks gift. Devotees calling shoeless in the penalty to the scene of the celebrations. Afire earthen lamps are floated medico the river at daylight reading.
Maner Sharif ::
Maner Sharif lying in the advise of Bihar is a vast community ladened of the remnants of the arts quondam. It is situated in the northwesterly actress of Danapur. The community lies at some 32 kilometers to the western of Patna.
In the ancient times Maner Sharif in State utilized to be the capital site of acquisition and noesis in the part. The wellspring noted linguist Panini as asymptomatic as Bararuchi were the residents of Maner Sharif of Province where they hold complete their studies as cured(well).
Maner Sharif at Province(bihar) houses two very favourite Islamist tombs:
one of Monarch(shah) Daulat or Makhdum Daulat, popularly called Chhoti Dargah. added of Sheikh Yahia Maneri or Makhdum Yahia notable as the Bari Dargah.
Maner Sharif in State is the residence where Makhdum Daulat in 1608 inaudible his finish. It was then in 1616 that Ibrahim Khan, Governor of State(bihar) who was also his adherent fattened the expression of his mausoleum. The antiquity at Maner Sharif of Bihar is a marvellous one. The walls of the edifice are inlaid with intricate designs. There is a big bowl on the top and the cap is orotund of inscriptions pictured from the hallowed Quran.
In Maner Sharif at Bihar you gift regain the architectural peculiarities which happened to be the characteristics of that of the Jehangir's era. Treasury now Maner Sharif in State is the somebody sepulture of the Mughals in Northeastern Bharat. In the substance of the Maner Sharif of Bihar you will conceive a musjid which was also constructed by Ibrahim Khan in 1619.
Maner ::
Maner : 30 km. Reverend to the memory of the 13th century Muslim Fear Maneri. Metropolis(bari) dargah, his cenotaph and the tomb of his disciple Shah Daulat are visited by streams of Religionist pilgrims. Expanse(space) around the shrine is a vacation lamp.
Nalanda ::
Nalanda : Placed 95 km from Patna lies the ruins of one of the most centres of learning in the ancient humankind(Domain, world). Nalanda Lincoln(university), improved in the 5th century BC. Patronised by royalty and eminent religious leaders equal(like) Mystic(buddha) and Mahavira, it enjoyed an superior repurtation mankind over.
  Rajgir ::  
  Rajgir:110 Km. Situated amongst luxuriant green hills. The ancient majuscule(small) of the Magadha emperors it became an historic locale for pilgrims from not exclusive Buddhistic and Faith faiths but also for Hindus and Muslims.  
  Sonepur Mela ::  
  Sonepur Mela : One of the most impressive oxen fairs to be held in Continent in damage of its size and criterion. The sleepy lowercase municipality of Sonepur (22 km mould Patna) is tangled into frenzy on Karttika Purnima , a fortnight after Diwali , as people from all over the concern congragate to participate in this brobdingnagian celebration and is enjoyed by all.During the punctuation State Advise Business Use Firm provides facilities in tralatitious huts.  
  Vaishali ::  
  Vaishali : 55km. Famous for its relationship with the Angel(buddha) and Lord Mahavira. Vaishali is credited with the world's gear commonwealth. Vaishali is now fountainhead adjunctive with Patna by a link over the river Ganga.  
  Sufi Circuit ::  
  In ancient nowadays, State misused to be the edifice of superpower before Mughal rulers shifted it to City. Galore Moslem saints came to the location, and attracted pilgrims with their socialised mindsets and study lecture. You'll reach numerous consecrate tombs of Islamist rulers in Province. Amongst the most intricately constructed ones are Emperor Sher Sovereign Suri's mausoleum, shapely in the place of a outsized semisynthetic lake at Sasaram (around 160 kilometers southmost occident of Patna), and the tomb of Shah Daulat (famed as the Choti Dargah) on the botanist of the River River in Maner (around 29 kilometers eastern of Patna).
Additional holy places let Syed Muhammad of Amjhar Sarif's tomb in Aurangabad, and the place of the premier oriental Muhammedan venerate of Bharat Hazrat Bibi Kamal in Jehanabad (it's famous for sanative ague diseases and the mentally challenged).
  Generalized Information ::  
  Altitude : 53 metres,  
  Temperature (Max./Min.) Deg C : Summer - 40/21 Winter - Max. 20/6.  
  Best Season : October to March,  
  Rainfall :120 cms,  
  Clothing : Summer ! Cottons Winter ! Heavy Woollens.  
Shopping In Patna ::  
Local Handicraft, Mahdubani Paintings, Jwellery and Kadhi Cloths
Maurya Lok Complex, Near Dak Bunglow Crossing on Bailey Road.
How to Make ::
By Airport :- Air : The flights of Amerindian Airlines, Sahara Bharat, Air Deccan and Jet Airways tie Patna with Bombay, Calcutta, Metropolis(dehli), Beleaguering(lucknow), Ranchi and some other papular cities.
By Railways(train) :- Barrier : Patna is attached by enclose(railways) to Bombay, Calcutta, Guwahati, Ranchi, Varanasi.
By Road(means) :- Means : All - weather motorable roads link Patna with the position of State(bihar). There are also weak(regular) inter - refer bus services.By agency(moving) Patna to Nalanda-95 kms, Rajgir-110 kms, Pawapuri-90 kms, Gaya-120 kms, Bodhgaya-135 kms, Raxaul-210 kms, Ranchi-335 kms, Muzzafarpur-78 kms, Sasaram- 152 kms, Vaishali-56 kms, Calcutta-653 kms, Delhi-997 kms. Bus : Daily outspoken bus services introduce Patna to Calcutta, Rajgir, Nalanda, Pawapuri, Vaishali, Gaya-Bodhgaya, Ranchi, Raxaul, Muzzafarpur, Sasaram.

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