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  Aranya Devi Temple ::  
Aranya Devi Temple is located in the Chowk area, 3.2 kilometers absent from Arrah railway facility. Rickshaws, carriages and horse-drawn ekkas are the usable implementation of connexion at Arrah track position. Traveller buses run through Arrah from Patna to Varanasi. Aranya Devi is the Goddess of Sakama-bhakti. She is said to meet some desires are verbalised by the devotee.
Description :- Aranya Devi Tabernacle in State(bihar) is reconstructed on current lines. Rock and mosaic process decorate the temple. Aranya Devi Tabernacle faces the eastbound. It has a form bowl. There is a curtilage at the mesmerise of Aranya Devi Temple of State and there are two porticos or verandas to the westmost and the direction. There are digit bells in the westward portico. There is a Hebdomad linga, a fortunate, and a benevolence box in the westmost portico.
Durga Temple ::
he denote(state) of Bihar same any other places in Bharat is a demesne ample of temples, one of the most notability among them existence the Durga Temple. These temples which you reason spotting the whole extent of Bihar are the testimonials of the luxurious content, attribute and overall the esoteric establishment of the fill towards religion.
The Durga Temple in Province(bihar), as the nominate suggests is a tabernacle(mandir) enshrining Goddess Durga. The goddess is believed to be the Benefactor of 'Shakti' or posture. Group move here to pray before the Devi and steadfastly conceive that this testament bang inaccurate all the adversities in their lives and fetch them eternal happiness.
Mandar Hill Temple ::
Mandar Structure Tabernacle is situated on Mandar Elevation(hill), a place situation paternal to the deliverance of 12th Teerthankar Vasupoojya Swami. It is also paternal to the ternion Kalyanka of Bhagawan Vasupoojya - Gyan, Tup and Moksha. At this gauge(place), Vasupoojya Swami recognised penance, gained the unreal knowledge and eventually open delivery. It is the crowning freeing from man. His primary precept was delivered here.
How to Reach ::
How to Limit : Mandar Comic(hill) is roughly 700 feet higher. It is situated around 30 miles southeasterly of the Bhagalpur municipality. There is an orient line route conjunctive Bhagalpur with Mandar Hill. Mandar Elevation place is virtually figure miles from Mandar Construction. There is also an all- endure roadworthy that connects Bhagalpur with Dumka. Mandar Hill is most a knot off from the means at a predictable disk.
Hariharnath temple ::
The Hariharnath temple of the posit of Bihar in Bharat is placed at Sonepur in Saran govern(district). The temple is quite well known to the people of Bihar as cured as to those who living in the places far and panoramic(wide).
The Hariharnath temple in Province(bihar) is a post of journeying for the devotees who get here especially on the occurrence of the great Sonepur mela on Kartik Purnima day. This day of total moon is believed to be real encouraging and any worship offered on this day to the Noble(God, Lord) is always fulfilled.
Parasnath Temple ::
Parasnath Temple in Province(bihar) is one of the rattling popular Religion temples in Bharat(India). It is not too old and the kinfolk of the temple, Parasnath tabernacle, has been kept after Parsvanath, the 23rd Tirthankara of Jains who achieved Beatification here.
The Parasnath temple of Bihar is located at the top of the highest hill in the Giridh govern which is also known as Parasnath hills. The tallness of the businessman on which Parasnath Temple of State stands is around 4480 feet. The temple is vindicatory(just) 90 kilometers forth from Hazaribagh. You can direct any anaesthetic move from Hazaribagh such as bus or taxi to touch Parasnath Temple.
Mundesvari temple ::
Mundesvari temple is situated on the top of a hill which is nearly 603 feet (high)screaky prevarication in the village Ramgarh in the utter of Province(bihar) in Bharat. The genuine tabernacle site is adpressed to Bhabua, a sub-divisional headquarters of Shahabad regularize in Province. The temple situation is favourite to the devotees not exclusive living in the land but alfresco as rise. The saneness behind specified a popularity of the Mundesvari tabernacle in Bihar is its striking architectural ornament as considerably as the intelligent beauty of the surroundings in which it is close.
Mundesvari tabernacle in State is confiscate to be the ancient most information of the Nagara name of tabernacle architecture that love been so far determined in the say of Bihar. This specific write of temple structure owes its root to the Magadha realm in State. Nonetheless, there is no otherwise tabernacle in this utter which belong to this portion tool of architecture. Here lies the message of the Mundesvari temple in State. The tabernacle notwithstanding does not live in the uncastrated comprise and overmuch of it is fitful. As regarding the term punctuation, this is the oldest of all the temples constitute in the posit of State at present.

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